History of Disturbed

By corehe
  • Begining of the band.

    Begining of the band.
    info on thisTheir first albulm making them stars. The sickness. This album cotain hits like "down with the sickness" and "stupify".
  • Steve "Fuzz" Kmak

    Steve "Fuzz" Kmak
    info on thisHe could not perform in the Marilyn Manson's European Tour because he sattered his ankle and could not perform. Marty O' Brian took Fuzz's place in the tour untill fuzz could perform again.
  • Disturbed releases a documentary.

    Disturbed releases a documentary.
    They release a documentary about their lives on tour.
  • Believe

    Disturbed releases their 2nd album Belive. Symbol on the album it 5 religous symbols. It came with 3 singles "prayer" "Liberate" "Remember".
  • Video for "Prayer"

    Video for "Prayer"
    info on thisThe music video for "prayer" was removed for telivision staions for its simularitys to the 9/11 attacks.
  • "Forsaken"

    info on thisDavid Draiman, singer, recorded the track "forsaken" with the band "Korn".
  • Music as a Weapon

    Music as a Weapon
    Disturbed made the tour Music as a weapon tour with other bands like "Korn".
  • Fuzz gets fired

    Fuzz gets fired
    Fuzz was fired because of persnal differnces and was replaced by John Moyer.
  • Used in a film

    Used in a film
    "Down with the sickness" was used in the film "Dawn of the Dead"
  • Ten Thousand Fists

    Ten Thousand Fists
    info on thisDisturbeds 3rd album. Debuted at #1 on the top 200 billboard lists and had 5 b-side tracks like "Monster".
  • Surgery

    Draimen underwent surgey for a deviated septum witch affected his voice.
  • Indestructible

    info on thisWas released with the tracks "Inside the Fire" and "Indestructible". It also debuted at #1 on the top 200 billboard list.
  • Asylum

    info about songsDubeting at # 1 again Disturbed came out with this new album. Inculdeing songs like "Asylum" and "Another way to Die". This was their 5th album.
  • Cover contest

    Cover contest
    info about this.Disturbed held a cover contest for the single "Hell".
  • The Lost Children

    The Lost Children
    in fo about thisDisturbed first b-side album. Containing all their b-side tracks like "Hell" and "Monster" this album see what they have done over the years. This is their newest album.