History of Diabetes

  • Experimental Diabetes

    Experimental Diabetes
    www.diabetescausestreatments.comGerman internist and physiologist produced experimental diabetes in dogs by removing their pancreas. This proved the role of the pancreas in diabetes and helped to advance the understanding of the disease
  • "pancreatic substance"

    "pancreatic substance"
    www.defeatdiabetes.orgGerman scientist Georg Zuelzer extracts a pancreatic "substance" and injects it into five diabetes patients. Although sugar in the urine is reduced or disappears, the side effects of treatment are extreme and unacceptable
  • Treatment of Diabetes Millitus

    Treatment of Diabetes Millitus
    www.everydayheath.com, Boston scientist Elliott Joslin established himself as one of the world's leading diabetes experts by creating the textbook The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, which reported that a fasting diet combined with regular exercise could significantly reduce the risk of death in diabetes patients. Today, doctors and diabetes educators still use these principles when teaching their patients about lifestyle changes for the management
  • Insulin

    www.diabetesdaily.com1944 - A uniform insulin syringe is developed and diabetes management becomes more standardized. and made it a lot easier for diabetics. it also had a huge affect on blood glucose regulation.
  • The First Test Strip

    The First Test Strip
    www.diabetesdaily.comThe first strips for testing blood glucose are used. A drop of blood is placed on the paper strip for 1 minute, and then washed off. Comparing the color to a color chart provides a rough indication of blood glucose levels
  • Human Insulin

    Human Insulin
    www.diabetesdaily.com1983 - The first biosynthetic human insulin is introduced. This made yet more increase in diabetes stablization as well as blood glucose stablization.
  • Instant Glucose Tablets are Introduced

    Instant Glucose Tablets are Introduced
    www.diabetesdaily.com1993 - Instant Glucose tablets are introduced and they helped during hypoglycemic events A.K.A low blood sugars and that resulted in even MORE stableness in diabetes management.
  • Insulin Pump

    Insulin Pump
    www.diabetesdaily.com- External insulin pumps allow closer control and freedom from multiple injections. More sophisticated insulin analogues are introduced which offer faster action, less risk of reactions and more flexibility for diabetes management.
  • Diabetes Guidelines

    Diabetes Guidelines
    www.diabetes.caCanadian Diabetes Association posts the 2003 Clinical Practice Guidelines on its website as the first searchable, download-capable medical guidelines available online. This helped lots of people to be able to stay at the comfort of their home and get online help and tips for management of diabetes.
  • Diabetes Day

    Diabetes Day
    www.diabetes.caThe United Nations recognizes diabetes as a global threat and forms national diabetes day -November 14. this day is also to bring recognition to the people that have diabetes and to show people they can help try to cure it by donating.