History of computers

Timeline created by mschindele
  • NEAC 2203

    NEAC 2203
    Sold in Japan, and was created for Kinki Nippon Railways.
  • Period: to

    1960 to 1069

  • IBM 1311 Disk storage drive

    IBM 1311 Disk storage drive
  • DENDRAL Artificial intelligence program

    DENDRAL Artificial intelligence program
    Ed, Feigenbaum, Joshua Lederberg, and Carl Dejerassi. The first intelligent system. This system is the start of artificial programs around the country. Starts the artificial intelligence haul that we now see.
  • Apollo guidance Computer

    Apollo guidance Computer
    Scientists and engineers from MIT,
    Was the start of digital computers when launching space craft.
  • Stanford arm

    Stanford arm
    Victor Scheinman
    Robotic artificial arm that was the start of making commercial products.