Chocolate milk

History of Chocolate Milk

By 1602015
  • Hans Sloane

    Hans Sloane
    Hans Sloane created chocolate milk in the late 1680s. He was on a trip in Jamaica when he discovered they mixed cocoa with water to make a chocolate drink. He though it was disguting so he mixed a cocoa mix with milk to make it taste better.
  • Chocolate Milk Saves Lives

    Chocolate Milk Saves Lives
    When Hans Sloane returned to England, he released his chocolate milk recipe. It was originally sold as medicine by apothecaries.
  • Chocolate Milk Becomes Famous

    Chocolate Milk Becomes Famous
    In the early 1900s, the Cadbury brothers created "Drinking Chocolate" in a tin for regular people to drink.
  • Chocolate Milk at Home

    Chocolate Milk at Home
    Nesquik creates chocolate milk powder, so you can make chocolate milk at home!
  • Nesquik Gets Quicker

    Nesquik Gets Quicker
  • Chocolate Milk Today

    Chocolate Milk Today
    Today chocolate milk is still a popular drink. Many different brands of chocolate syrup and pre-made chocolate milk exist, and they all taste delicious.