History of CD's

Timeline created by Tamar G.
  • first publicly demonstrated

    first publicly demonstrated
    Sony first pubicly demonstrated an optical digital audio disc in september 1978. With 150 minutes of playing time
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  • CD-DA

    In 1980 "CD-DA" format was introduced by Phillips and Sony and standards were laid down in the Red Book.
  • First "CD' made

    First "CD' made
    The first compact disc "CD" was made in 1982 by researchers at Sony and Phillips.
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  • CD players

    CD players
    By 1983 CD players and discs were released in the U.S. and other markets,this was called the Big Bang of the digital audio revolution.
  • CD-ROM

    In 1984 advanced technology to store and retrieve data from "CD-ROM" was introduced.
  • First million

    First million
    Dire Sraits was the first to sell a million with it's Brothers in Arms
  • CD-ROM

    In 1985 the computer readable (CD-ROM) was introduced
  • "VCD"

    In 1987 the first video (VCD) format was created for storing and playing video and audio.
  • CD-R

    In 1988 the concept of CD-R a recordable CD was born
  • CD-R

    the CD-R was introduced
  • Music Career

    Music Career
    In 1991 the "CD" became the music career of choice
  • CD-RW

    In 1997 rewriteable CD's & CD-RW's were introduced
  • Super Audio

    Super Audio
    In 1999 super audio "CD" is released by Sony and Phillips as a higher quality digital audio recording.
  • Sale Drop

    Sale Drop
    In 2008 the sale for large label CD's drop 20% do to rising popularity of MP3 audio.
  • 2x CD/Digital

    2x CD/Digital
    In November 2010 the 2x CD/Digigtal was released. Created by Punch Drunk Records