History of Breyer Horses

  • When Reeves is Founded

    When Reeves is Founded
    Reeves International, Inc is a New Jersey corporation with offices in Pequannock and Wayne, New Jersey . Reeves was founded by Swiss entrepreneur Werner J. Fleischmann in 1946.
  • When Breyer was founded

    When Breyer was founded
    Beyer was founded in 1950, This was the first Breyer horse made.
  • Reeves Internationial got Breyer Animal cAeations

    Reeves Internationial got Breyer Animal cAeations
    In 1984, Reeves International acquired Breyer Animal Creations and spent the next 20 years completing its transformation from toy distribution to manufacturing.
  • Breyer's Purchase

    Breyer's Purchase
    in 1998, Anthony Fleischmann, purchased Reeves International, Inc. outright from his father Werner Fleischmann. Today, Reeves International is still privately held.
  • Breyer Today

    Breyer Today
    Today, under the Reeves International umbrella, Breyer manufactures plastic, porcelain, and resin model horses, animals and accessories for play and collecting.