History Of Boston

  • Samuel Maverick

    Samuel Maverick
    Build's a trading post at Noodle Island.
  • John Winthrop

    He comes to boston to create a "city upon a hill."
  • Anne Hutchison

    He's banished from bsoton.
  • Mary Dyer

    Mary Dyer
    Mary is executed.
  • King Philips War

    King Philips War
    King Philips war lasted till 1675 to 1676.
    Indians & white had such conflict going on, but the indians had started the war.
  • Goodwife Glover

    Goodwife Glover
    Goodwife Glover is executed in Boston for " witchcraft".
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    In February, 1692, three accused women were examined by Magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne. Corwin's home, known as the Witch House, still stands at the corner of North and Essex Streets in Salem, providing guided tours and tales of the first witchcraft trials. John Hathorne, an ancestor of author Nathaniel Hawthorne, is buried in the Charter Street Old Burying Point.
  • A Mob Ransack

    A Mob Ransack
    A mob ransack lieutenant governor Thomas Hutchinson's home.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    The Stamp Act was passed by the British Parliament on March 22, 1765. The new tax was imposed on all American colonists and required them to pay a tax on every piece of printed paper they used. Ship's papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, other publications, and even playing cards were taxed. The money collected by the Stamp Act was to be used to help pay the costs of defending and protecting the American frontier near the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Arrival of Red Coat's

    Arrival of Red Coat's
    Arrival of two regiment's of "Red Coats"on Long Wharf.
  • Death of Christopher Seider

    Death of Christopher Seider
    He was a boy killed in a political fight in Boston on February 22, 1770. His funeral became a major political event, and his killing heightened tensions that erupted into the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre, called the Boston Riot by the English, was an incident on March 5, 1770, in which British redcoats killed five civilian men. They fired into the crowd, apparently without orders, instantly killing three people and wounding others. Two more people died later of wounds sustained in the incident.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    On December 16, 1773, after officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor. The incident remains an iconic event of American history, and other political protests often refer to it. The British America were against the tea act.
  • Paul Revere's Ride

    Paul Revere's Ride
    He was an American silversmith and a patriot in the American Revolution. He made a poem called the " Midnight Ride".
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord

    The Battle of Lexington and Concord
    The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War.[9][10] They were fought on April 19, 1775, in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay, within the towns of Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Menotomy (present-day Arlington), and Cambridge, near Boston. The battles marked the outbreak of open armed conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in the mainland of British North America.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill
    At the Charlestown Peninsula on the North side of Boston Harbor. British troops of the Boston garrison against troops of the American Continental Army. Major General Howe against General Artemas Ward and General Israel Putnam. The size of the armies were like 2,400 British troops against 1,500 Americans.
  • Evacuation Of The British From Boston

    Evacuation Of The British From Boston
    On March 17, 1776, the British boarded their ships and evacuated the city. On March 27, they sailed to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • William Blackstone

    Build's his house on a peninsular people call place of clear waters.