History of Blogging


    Tim Berners-Lee finished building the tools necessary to publish and view the first website. Web1.0 was born and allowed static pages, the use of tables and alligned texts, GIF buttons and HTML text extensions.
  • Period: to

    History of Blogging

    From these dates major blogging was concieved grown and born.
  • Mosaic released

    Mosaic released
    The first widely available graphical web browser that allowed embedded images next to text is released. Before then, people saw the web as another protocall that ran emails and was a way of browsing files on servers. While blogs today change regularly, they stay the same but the content does not as it is frequently updated, which is differnt to how early websites were done. So personal homepages can be seen as a predesscor of blogs as they portrayed the users intrests, just not updated and cha
  • Justin Hall makes one of the 1st diary entries.

    Justin Hall makes one of the 1st diary entries.
    He created an online diary account telling the story of his life using links to link the reader to parts of his life. He called it a personal homepage. His site, is an example of the shift from building hypertext websites to developing blogs. Back then, a weblog was used to refer to the number of visitors that a web server can see, showing the total number of hits it had, how much data had been transferred and information about the data traffic to the site.
  • Jorn Barger coins the word 'weblog'

    Jorn Barger coins the word 'weblog'
    His site Robot Wisdom: A weblog by Jorn Barger, is a site with links to other websites. The term was created to reflect the process of “logging the web” as he browsed.
  • The first known instance of a blog

    The first known instance of a blog
    Jonathan Dube blogged Hurricane Bonnie for The Charlotte Observer. This was the first time a news site used the Weblog format to cover breaking news.
  • 23 blogs on internet

    23 blogs on internet
    Jesse James Garrett made a list of blogs. Blogging since being created is taking off slow. This is becasue it is not known yet and blog creating sites like Blogger had not yet been invented.
  • Peter Merholz coins the word "Blog"

    Peter Merholz coins the word "Blog"
    He wrote more essay like posts than Barger in his blog PeterMe and was the first person to shorten weblog to blog. He quotes
    "Ive decided to pronounce the word weblog as wee-blog or blog for short. "
  • Blogger. is created

    Blogger. is created
    Started by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan at Pyra Labs, blogger is made. It is largely responsible for bringing blogging to the mainstream and is still seen today as a popular blog site due to its "push button" nature. According to blogger, it started off small before taking off. Even with hundreds of thousands of bloggers, it was still considered small by then. this shows that they clearly wanted to become big, and this is what was achieved when Google bought them in 2002.
  • 1st Vlogs posted

    Adam Kontras posts a video next to a blog entry which was aimed at his friends and family. Later that year in November Adrian Miles posted a video of changing text on a still image, coining the term vog to refer to his video blog.
  • BoingBoing created

    BoingBoing created
    Boing Boing is a directory of links, known as a filter blog. It won best blog fo the year in 2004 and 2005 becoming one of the most read and linked to blogs.
  • Hot To articles and meta blogs made

    Hot To articles and meta blogs made
    By 2001, There was enough intrest in blogs for how to make a blog articles and meta blogs to be made. These Meta Blogs made a sizable portion of the most popular and successful blogs out there.
  • Dooce is made

    Dooce is made
    In Febuary 2001, The popular personal blog was created. She was fired from her job for posting about her boss. This was an important event becasue, it raised the issue of privacy which is still taking part today.
    Her blog was also one of the first blogs to accept ads being shown.
    This pupular personal blog is a clear example of blogs rising as they influenced people to read about her life and take part by showing ads and brough up a important issue.
  • Google buys blogger

    Google buys blogger
    Google buy blogger. This helped blogger a large amountas they were struggling with money. Google bought the blog to generate alot of money through adsense, much of what is done by google today.
  • Oxford English Dictionary prints the word Blog

    Oxford English Dictionary prints the word Blog
    Dictionary asked Peter Merholz for a print source for the word blog so they could include it in their dictionary. The word blog is being used in a dictionary now, so it shows that blogs are growing and spreading as more people wonder what they are and want to create them.
  • Blogging becomes in more depth

    Blogging becomes in more depth
    Blogging became popular in politics before breaking into other news A US majority leader senate, Trent Lott, made a remark about senator Thurmond. Lott. while praising Thurmond, stated that the U.S. would have been better off if Thurmond had been elected President in 1948. During that race, Thurmond was a strong supporter of racial segregation (though his position changed later in his political career). during this time, the media didnt pick up on this comment untill bloggers blogged about it.
  • Blog search engine is launched

    Blog search engine is launched
    Many blogs were being created thanks to and other blogs being established. The number of blogs it tracked grew rapidly from little over 100,000 in late 2003 to 3,000,000,000 by July 2004. The number of blogs being made were doubling every few months
  • AdSense released

    AdSense released
    This was the first ad network to match ads to the content on a blog. It also made it possible for bloggers to generate income when they first start up their blog. Once bloggers started making money from their blogs, the number of meta blogs increased dramatically. Bloggers such as Darren Rowse of and made alot of money by telling bloggers they could turn blogging into a full time career, which shows the impact of blogging.
  • WordPress is made

    WordPress is made
    Matt Mullenweg releases the popular WordPress. It is a content management system in which it allows you to choose themes and has up to 18,000 plug ins. This blog has won many CMS awards and recently the open source app award in 2011. The awards that are being given out to this blog show that it is a popular blog and has had an impact on the people that use it.
  • Political consultants, candidates, and mainstream news organizations all began using blogs

    These blogs provided the perfect body for broadcasting editorial opinion and reaching out to readers and viewers.
  • Year of video blog declared

    In 2004, Steve Garfield launched his own video blog and declared that year "the year of the video blog"
  • Blog is word of the year

    Blog is word of the year
    As declared by Merriam Webster, dictionary and thesaurus it is reported that it was the most searched for word in their online dictionary that year. At this point, the media was writing about blogs regularly and almost everybody had heard of them, but 62% didnt know what they were. - (Rainie 2005)
  • Huge increase in vlogging.

    Huge increase in vlogging.
    The Yahoo! Videoblogging Group, which was formed in the previous year as a response to Garfields, video of the year quote, saw its membership increase dramatically in 2005.
  • Blogging reaches the mainstream

    In mid 2000's blogs were reaching the mainstream. In January 2005, a study was released saying that 32 million Americans read blogs. Mainstream media sites and sources such as CNN started their blogs and teamed up with existing blogs for coverage and commentary.
  • Vloggercon

    The first vlogging conference is held in New York attracting many vloggers
  • youtube is released

    youtube is released
    users can upload, view and share videos. This was a great chance for vloggers to start blogging online. According to Burgess and Green 40% of Youube are Vlogs and it is the most popular video uploaded. This shows that vlogs are popular and that even in the video world a part of blogging plays a huge role. Many popular vlogs are to be born via Youtube.
  • LonelyGirl15 Vlog comes to Youtube

    LonelyGirl15 Vlog comes to Youtube
    Web base series that features vlogs from a fictional teenage girl. It lead to a huge debate becasue people thought it was for real.
  • 50 million blogs!

    50 million blogs!
    In the middle of 2006, Technorati's blogosphere report claimed that there were 50million blogs! This shows a GIGANTIC growth.
  • Tweets begin with Twitter

    Tweets begin with Twitter
    Jack Dorsey creates and releases the microblog and social network Twitter, At the South by southwest festival in 2007, Twitter usage increased from 20,000 tweets per day to 60,000. Twitter now generates 300 million tweets and handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day. This shows how large this microblog has become and a huge impact on how we blog by making our posts smaller.
  • Fred hits Youtube

    Fred hits Youtube
    Fred becomes a hit on youtube with his vlog channel about his anger management issues. It later becomes a series and hits the cinema screens in 2010 is very popular.
  • Philip DeFranco Vlog made

    Philip DeFranco Vlog made
    In 2006, Philip DeFranco created his vlog channel. Now seen as a youtube celebrity, he has over 790 million views, and 2 million subscribers, amd gets around 1 million views a day.
  • Tumblr is born

    Tumblr is born
    Tumblr, the first major tumblog was founded by David Karp. Its platforms allow for a more traditional type of blogging experience, while also allowing for the social networking features of microblogging such as twitter where you can follow. It allowed a variety of different post types, adn reblogs unlike traditional blogging services . 44.3 million blogs are now on tumblr. More of this when I do my case study on it.
  • Shaytards Vlog channel made

    Shaytards Vlog channel made
    The daily shaytard vlogs officially started on March 5th 2009. As a result of this he became a youtube hit and is seen as a favourite vlogger.
  • 152 million blogs active

    Every mainstream news source now has at least one blog, as do many corporations and individuals.
  • I become a member of Tumblr

  • I made my film review blog on Blogger