History of Advanced weapons

  • Nuke

    the nuke is a very destuctive bomb.1 nuke can destroy1/ 4th of the U.S.. most countries have acssecibility.
  • Tommy gun/Greanade

    Tommy gun/Greanade
    The Tommy gun was a major war gun.It was considered a Assault Rifle.A Greanade is a multiman attack bomb.
  • browning 911

    browning 911
    this pistol is the most military used pistol ever.some can hold up to 15 bullets.
  • AK47/Greanade launcher

    AK47/Greanade launcher
    The AK47 is mainly for squads or tangos.A Greanade Launcher is when you put a Granade in a small container that is able to shoot the greanade and fire
  • Scar/l/M4a1

    it is the younger brother of the M4.Used by seals for stealth missions.scarls are used by green berets to be very speacail guns.
  • Ballistic Knife/Rocket Launcher

    Ballistic Knife/Rocket Launcher
    A Ballistic Knife is a Knife that can shoot out af its handle.A Rocket launcher is a self Proppeled Missile that is uasually around tanks and choppers
  • M4/desert eagle

    M4/desert eagle
    The M4 is the big brother of the M4A1.they both are semi/auto.the desert eagle is a pistol mainly used in the Special forces.
  • M16/minigun

    The m16 is mainly a three round burst gun.The minigun isbaisicly a turrent with 6 barrels
  • Explosive crossbow/m16

    Explosive crossbow/m16
    An Explosive crossbow can be for navy seals extraction mission.An M16 is a three round burst or a fully auto gun
  • aa12/winchester shotgun

    aa12/winchester shotgun
    The AA12 is a fully automatic shotgun used by heavy duty marines.the winchester shotgun has been used by the military a long time. It is not the stealthiest gun on the wall.