History of Additive Sugar

  • Sugar Substitute- Aspartame

    James M. Schlatter combined two amino acids and asparatic acid and made aspartame a new low calorie additve sugar substance
  • Beginining HFCS

    HFCS first was subistited for sugar around the 1970's
  • Discovery of Splenda

    In 1976, Splenda (sucralose) was discovered by Tate & Lyle scientists.
  • Obesity

    This is when the rate of obesity rapidly started increasing
  • FDA Approval

    FDA apporved Aspartame
  • Senate Hearing on Aspartam

    Food safety Expert Mary Nash Stoddard went to the senate to argue the safety of Aspartam
  • Splenda

    The start of splenda in our foods
  • National Cancer Association Experiment

    National Cancer Association did an experiment invovling people 50 to 69 years of age and the results were that aspartame did not have a link to cancers
  • New Rat Study

    There has been link in rats consuming aspartame to cancer risks but the FDA still hasn't accepted it as good enough evidece to prohibit aspartame
  • New Changes

    An article in the Times has said that Kraft is removing corn syrup and replacing it with just regular sugar so is Pizza Hut.