History of Stradbroke Island

  • James Cook

    James Cook departed out of Moreton Bay and named several places such, as Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island
  • Matthew Flinders Help

    A group of North Stradbroke Island People help the Matthew Flinders Crew find shore and this was one of the first black- white contact on the island
  • Shipwrecked

    Timbergatters Pamphlett, Finnegan and Parsons were stranded on Moreton Island and spent the next eight months travelling around the island. Noonucals at Pulan (Amity Point) looked after them for about 6 weeks.
  • Minjerribah was renamed to Stradbroke Island

    In June the island was renamed from Minjerribah to Stradbroke Island. It was renamed by governer darling in honor of honourable Captain JH Rous
  • Cotton Plantation

    A cotton plantation was established at Moongalba. It was abandoned not long after.
  • January 1831 - December 1832

    10 or more violent clashes occured between Stradbroke Island Aborigines and Europeans stationed at Dunwich and Amity.
  • Quaritine Station

    Dunwich was proclaimed Moreton's Bay quarantine station. Only a couple of weeks later, the immigrant ship Emigrant arrived with a typhus on board. The passengers, were placed in quaritine in Dunwich. 56 people died and many are in Dunqich cemetery.
  • Closing the Quaratine Station

    The Quaratine Station at Dunwich was closed but the site continuued to be used for the next decade as the need arose.
  • Wrecked and Granted Lease

    In 1894 Billy North granted lease over Point Lookout and Cambus Wallace was wrecked on the ocean side of a very narrow part of Stradbroke Island.
  • Outbreak of the Mud Worm

    Moreton Bay's oyster fisheries were slowing being detryed due to an outbreak of mud wormm. Oystering had been the biggest seafood industry in Southern Queensland employiing hundreds Aboriginals and Non Aboringinals and Stradbroke.
  • The Prosperity

    The Prosperity sank off Point Lookout on its way from Sydney with Sugar Machinery for Mourilyan Harbour in North Queensland. Five Survivors were cared for at Point Lookout before returning home.
  • Tourism and Present Day things Starting

    In the 1930's the first tourism venture started in the 1930s when Bert Clayton bought some land above South Gorge for a guest house. Also in 1932 The Point Lookout Lighthouse was built. In 1943 the First bus service started for Amity Point to Point Lookout. In 1935 Hayles Cruises began a passenger service to Amity.. After the Dunwich asylum was closed. 1937 the second amity point school, The Amity Point Provisional School, open on 19th of October 1937.
  • Tragic Ship

    On May 1943 The Australian Hospital ship Cantaur was torpedoed off Stradbroke Island. A total of 268 lives were lost and only 64 people survived.
  • A Vechicular Ferry Service.

    A vechicular ferr service started, using the Amazon, renamed the Karboora. It landed on the beach just north of the Dunwich causeway.
  • Zinc Corp

    Sand mining began on Stradbroke Island by Zinc Corp. The first shupment left the Island in 1950. The sand was shovelled by hand from main Beach and trucked to Dunwich.
  • Mining for new things

    Consiolidated Rutile began mining operations. Unil then Titanium Zircon Industries (TAZI) was the island's major employer.
    And the 4 bed Dunwich Hospital was opened on November 17th.
  • Barge Lookout

    Barge Lookout began operation from Cleveland and Stradbroke Ferrries began operation firstly the Myora and the Moongoolba.