• Period: 1524 to

    Council of the Indies

  • 1551

    Debate at Valladolid

  • Colegio de San Fernando (Mexico)

  • Period: to

    Expulsion of Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

  • Period: to

    Colonial California (Spanish Period)

  • Mission San Diego

  • Period: to

    21 missions

  • Mission San Carlos (Carmel)

  • Diseases At Mission San Gabriel

    STDs Primary syphilis: "contamination"
  • Mission San Antonio de Padua

  • Mission San Gabriel

  • Period: to

    Diseases At Mission San Gabriel

    malnutrition, depression ("luxuria")
  • Prohibitions against mourning dance

  • Jose Francisco Ortega establish Presidio

    7 officers, 34 soldiers ~10 Indian "attendants"
  • Indian Revolt at San Gabriel

  • La Perouse's Expedition

  • Mission Santa Barbara founded

    constructed in 1787
  • Period: to

    Spanish Colonial Period

  • Period: to

    Diseases At Mission San Gabriel

    series of ill-defined diseases ("belly aches" and fevers)
  • Diseases At Mission San Gabriel

    Diphtheria, pneumonia
  • Diseases At Mission San Gabriel

    Measles Epidemic
  • Napoleonic wars: invasion of Spain

  • Spain convenes Cortez of Cadiz

    representation; outlines a plan for indigenous freedom and full citizenship throughout the Spanish Empire.
  • Evidence of Religious Syncretism: interrogatory

  • Spanish Constitution

    born subjects granted full citizenship
  • codifies Spain's plan to secularize all religious institutions of colonial power

  • San Rafael - hospital asistencia (1817)

  • Diseases At Mission San Gabriel

  • Mexico gains independence

  • Period: to

    Mexican Period

  • Agustin Fernandez

    travels in California
  • Mission San Francisco Solano

  • Sacking of Santa Ynez

    war spreads to other missions in Chumash area
  • Period: to

    Chumash Revolt

    Chumash war
    By the end, only a few hundred Chumash remain in Yokut territory.
  • Period: to

    Estanislao's War

  • Period: to

    Diseases At Mission San Gabriel

  • secularization process

  • Bear Flag Revolt

    Fermont's 1846 Excursion to upper Sacramento River
  • Fremont's Excursion to upper Sacramento River

  • Period: to

    370 massacres

    16,000 - 1,000,000 estimates Indian casualties
  • Period: to

    Mexican War

  • Sutter's Mill, American River Coloma

  • Phase 1: gold rush

    Local people "rush" to gold regions
    Case of San Jose jailer, Monterey city officials, rancheros, U.S. Navy
    Indian slaves
  • Phase 2: gold rush

    Pacific Rim
    Experienced miners from Latin America, some from China, Hawaiian laborers
  • Period: to

    Gold Rush Era

  • Period: to

    Phase 3: gold rush

    National and International
    less experience miners from China and Europe
    primary from the US
  • Period: to

    Removal Plan

    Fremont formulates removal plan
  • Act for the Government and Protection of Indians

    13th amendment -> full repeal by 1937
  • Fremont becomes U.S. Senator from California

  • "Racherias" system negotiation

    100 tribal representatives
    Californians object
    U.S. senate rejects
  • E.F. Beale's Peace Commission and 1853 reservations

  • Depopulation

  • Major tracts of land opened to development

    heavy industrial manufacturing, shipbuilding, and hotels and offices
  • Period: to

    Major Growth Period in San Francisco

  • Period: to

    Pacific Railroad Acts

  • Period: to

    Reconstruction Era

  • Transcontinental Railroad

  • Northern Paiute/ Washoe leader Tavibo

    Millenarian-like belief
  • Period: to

    Gilded Age

  • Los Angeles Massacre

  • Period: to

    Modoc War

  • Iconic cable cars first operate

  • Period: to

    National depression

    claims of "unfair competition" because the Chinese can "underlive" white
  • Sandlot "rallies"

    March on Chinatown
  • Period: to

    Official slogan of the Workingmen's Party of California

  • Electoral victories, coalition rewrote state Constitution

  • Bad Blood

    Picnic, eviction, shootout (7 dead, 5 convicted of murder)
  • Massacre at Wounded Knee

  • Period: to

    Era of "Reform" : Progressive Era

  • Links to beauty - Sierra Club

  • North Beach predominantly Italian

  • The Octopus - Frank Norris' novel

  • Great Earth, San Francisco reformers looks for new water source

  • Asiatic Exclusion League establishment

  • Improve state’s water infrastructure: State Water Project

  • “Gentlemen’s Agreement” - U.S., Japan limit immigration

  • Raker Act

    Permits damming of Hetch Hetchy Valley
  • California’s Alien Land Acts

  • Gender Parity reached

  • California’s Alien Land Acts

  • Immigration Act

  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

  • State’s brief experience with Progressivism, elected EPIC officials

  • Period: to

    Dust Bowl

  • Sinclair’s End Poverty in California plan, left-wing unionism)

  • Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI): began collecting lists of potentially disloyal Japanese Americans (Issei)

  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Labor shortages

  • "Okie" frameworkers begin moving into industries

  • California had 16 military aircraft ready to defend state

  • FDR's E.O 8802 bans racial discrimination in war employment (but military is still segregated)

  • FDR est. War Production Boards

  • War Manpower commission est.

  • February 1942: E.O. 9066 calls for removal of all people of Japanese descent from "Special Military Exclusion Zone" on West Coast

  • California legislature, civic orgs, newspaper called for internment

  • Period: to

    U.S. and Mexico sign "Mexican Farm Labor Agreement"

  • Period: to

    Mexican Farm Labor Agreement

  • Chinese Exclusion Act repealed

  • Racial conflict: Zoot Suit “Riots”

  • Port Chicago Disaster

  • Port Chicago “Mutiny”

    50 Black sailors refuse to return to the site after recovery, arrested, convicted of mutiny
  • Gonzalo Mendez sues Westminster schools

  • BIA and Indian Health Services U.S. Indian Lands Commission

  • U.S. Navy desegregated

  • End to "protective" laws

  • sales office opens

    100K people visit model homes in the first month
  • Dystopian Dreams

    Rebellion, boredom, discontent
  • Period: to

    California's population triples

    10- 30 million
  • Period: to


    public spending and civil rights
  • Period: to

    Suburban period

  • Burns-Porter Act

    billion bond measure
  • Fair Employment Practices Act

    prohibits employers and labor unions from discriminating against workers, a bill authored by Augustus Hawkins (EPIC’ 34)
  • Unruly Civil Rights Act

    prohibits discrimination by business, provides for victims to sue for damages in state courts
  • Period: to

    Gov. Edmund “Pat” Brown, served

  • Modern Indian Activism

  • Donohoe Act

    creates the Master Plan for Higher Education in California, 1960-1975
  • CSU system

  • HUAC Hearing

  • Period: to

    development of Indian activism

  • fold song hit "Little Boxes" - "all the same"

  • Bond funds for affordable housing (Prop 4)

  • “Right to Decline to Sell or Rent” (Prop 14)

  • American Council on Education rates Berkeley “best distinguished university” in the country; still top public university in the world

  • Proposition 14

  • Free Speech Movement at Berkley

  • Immigration (Hart-Cellar) Act

  • Watt's Riot

  • “Segregation Amendment” overturns Rumford, SCOTUS tosses Prop 14

  • Hasta Sacramento - Frameworkers' 1966 March from Delano to the state capitol

  • Period: to


    reduce government and Myth of American Individualism
  • The Black Panther Party invades Sacramento

  • Rumford restored and strengthened

  • San Francisco State Strike

  • East Los Angeles Walkouts led thousands of young mostly Mexican American students to protest the inequalities of their public schools by walking out of classes in a mass student strike

  • Donohoe Act replicated in 23 other states

  • Tax increases accepted - to a point

    as cost of public investment in our future
  • Period: to

    Swinging from liberalism to conservatism

  • BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit system)

  • Period: to

    Liberalism- Fiscal Conservatism

    environmentalism and reduce spending
  • Limit property tax annual increases (Prop13)

  • Defeat Bakke Protest

  • Period: to

    Immigration "reform" Ban Equity measures

  • US government returns remains of executed Modoc

  • Bonds for First-time Homeowners (Prop 145)

  • Property Tax Relief for Low Income Buyers (154)

  • Rodney King Riots

  • Proposition 187 - “Save our state” initiative

  • Split property tax structure commercial v residential (Prop 15)