By dana309
  • British Captain James Cook came into Contact with the Nuu chah-nulth

    He found that they were already familiar with iron.
  • George Simpson was made governor of the Northern department when the North West Company joined the Hudson Bay company

  • George Simpson was made governeor general of Rupert's Land

  • Fort Langley was built on the Fraiser River as the Pasific Northwestern headquarters of the Hudson Bay Company.

    The headquarters was later moved to Fort Victoria. Fort Langley became a major supply depot of the Pacific Coast
  • James Douglas built Fort Victoria on Vancouver island

    He built it with the help of his men and some Nuu-chah-nulth people living there
  • The Treaty of Washington established the boundary between American and British territory in the Rocky Mountain

  • Vancouver island became a British colony.

    Richard Blanshard arrived from Britain in 1850 and became it's first governor
  • Between 1851 and 1854, Governor James Douglas negotiated fourteen small treaties with First Nations on Vancouver Island.

  • The Gold Rush on the Lower Fraiser brought over 30,000 miners to New Caledonia

    Many of the miners came from the United States
  • The Hudson Bay company purchased over 20 kilograms of gold during the GoldRush on the Lower Fraiser River

  • From 1858-1866, there were two British colonies on the west coast: Vancouver Island and British Columbia

  • Douglas convinced the British to make the territory of New Caledonia into the colony of British Columbia

    As governor, Douglas had the authority to mailtain control and punish lawbreakers.
  • Some of the hardier, more hopeful prospectors ventured northward up the Fraiser River to the Quensnel River in the Cariboo Mountians region.

    From there, they went to Keithley Creek, Antler Creek, Lightning Creek and Williams Creek.
  • The richest gold deposits ever discovered in the Cariboo region were found at Williams Creek.

    Many claims were made along this creek.
  • Billy Barker arrived at Williams Creek during the summer to find thousands of miners working at their claims.

  • The colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia were united under the name "British Columbia"

    The capital of the united colony was New Westminster.