• James cook

    James cook first came into contact with the Nuu-chah-nult and found out that they were already familiar with iron and its uses.
  • Lord selkirk

    Lord selkirk was given a land grant known as assiniboia.
  • HBC and NWC Unite!!

    In 1821 the HBC and NWC united under the name of the Hudsons bay company.
  • Metis

    In 1840 about 4000 Metis lived in the Red River area. Metis are people of mixed and first nation and European ancestry.
  • Populatioon at the Red Rver

    Population at the red river increased to 5000.
  • Fort Victoria

    In 1843 douglas built Fort Victoria the southern tip of Vancouver Island.
  • Treaty of washington

    In 1846, the the Treaty of washington established the boundary between American and British territory.
  • Vancouver Island Became A British Colonie

    The mainland territory was called New calidonia.
    European settlement there consisted consisted of Hudson's Bay Company fur forts.
  • Treaties 1851-1854

    During this time period governer James Douglas negotiated 14 small treatieswith the First Nations on vancouver island.
  • Gold miners

    In 1858 when the townspeople were leaving church 450 miners arrived on the paddlewheel steamer and by that night Fort Victoria was transformed into a bustling tent city full of men on their way to the goldfields on the mainland.
  • The british colony of british columbia

    The mainland (New caledonia) became a british colony.
  • Hudson's Bay company

    By 1858 the Hudson's Bay company had purchased over 20 kilograms of gold.
  • 1858 Gold rush

    The 1858 gold rush on the lower Fraser River brought over 30,000 miners to New Calidonia.
  • Gold rush in the british territory of new calidonia

    Many gold miners were from the united states of america
  • Prospectors Moved

    In 1859 some of the hardier more hopeful prospectors ventured northward up the fraser river to the Quesnel river in the cariboo mountains region.
  • Miners and Billy Barker

    Billy Barker arrived at Williams Creek during the summer of 1862 to find thousands of miners busy working at their claims. Billy selected a location away from all the other successful claims and him and his parteners sank a crude oil mine.
  • Colonies of Vancouver

    In 1866 the colonies of Vancouver Islandand British Columbia. The capital of the united colony was New Westminister.