Histories of Families and Family Resource Management

  • Tadmor

    "Tadmor studied the definition of a 'family' as it appeared in the 18th-century English writings." This included relatives and servants. This definition was dependent on the head of the household to fulfill needs. -"Family Resource Management" (Moore and Asay)
  • Democratic Family

    "Mates were selected through preferences and children were nurtured." Adults were expected to have a family and care for a family. Women were housewives and husbands were the financial providers. -"Family Resource Management" (Moore and Asay)
  • Ellen Swallow

    Ellen Swallow
    The name "home economics" was created as the standards of women began to change and the roles in the home start to shift. Ellen also encouraged women by setting an example of seeking out her own education and redefining the roles in the home. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Ellen-Swallow-Richards
  • Companionate Family

    "Husbands and wives were partners who married because they loved each other, rather than out of a sense of moral duty." No longer is marriage a job or a requirement, but it's something to be enjoyed. The social pressure is beginning to subside slightly. -"Family Resource Management" (Moore and Asay)
  • Economic Effect on Families

    "Almost 2 million married couples lived apart" because of the Great Depression and the failing economy. Family dynamics shifted because of this and it was increasingly common to live apart out of necessity. https://online.csp.edu/resources/article/the-evolution-of-american-family-structure/
  • Nuclear Family/Traditional Family

    Nuclear Family/Traditional Family
    "A husband, wife, and children in one household." There were marriages at younger ages, more kids were born, and there were less divorces. The image of the "perfect family" appeared on television. -"Family Resource Management" (Moore and Asay) https://online.csp.edu/resources/article/the-evolution-of-american-family-structure/
  • Women in the Workplace

    "Around a third of middle class women were working either part-time or full-time jobs." The roles of women began to increase as they took on more responsibility. While society still held men in the "breadwinner" position in the household, women began to hold a larger role. https://online.csp.edu/resources/article/the-evolution-of-american-family-structure/
  • Postmodern Family

    Families are now so diverse- there is no possible way to categorize them. The possibilities of families are endless. Now there are no consistent definitions of a family. The ages aren't consistent. The genders aren't always consistent. The roles have changed. -"Family Resource Management" (Moore and Asay) https://archive.unu.edu/unupress/unupbooks/uu13se/uu13se03.htm
  • Increasing Role of women

    "In 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that women made up almost 50 percent of the paid labor force, putting them on equal footing with men when it comes to working oustide the home." https://online.csp.edu/resources/article/the-evolution-of-american-family-structure/
  • Gay Marriage Legalized

    This changes the family aspect by including two of the same sex in a legally binding family unit instead of just a relational family unit. https://online.csp.edu/resources/article/the-evolution-of-american-family-structure/