Historical figures and monuments

By aymaan
  • Period: 1000 BCE to


  • 632 BCE


    Muslim religious leader
  • 200 BCE

    The great wall of china

    Chinese wall used as protection for military
  • 100 BCE

    Julius Caeser

    Roman Dictator
  • AD 1

    Jesus Christ

    Religious Icon
  • 71

    The colossseum

    Large Roman Amphitheatre
  • 760

    The Vikings

    Sea-faring people who originated in Scandinavia, which at the time was poor so a group of people decided to start raiding people of other countries and regions and hated Christianity, but ended up settling down as Christians in the early 11th century.
  • 1087

    William the Conquerer

    English monarch
  • 1087

    William the Conquerer

    English monarch heir
  • 1227

    Genghis Khan

    Leader and founder of Mongol Empire
  • 1254

    Marco Polo

  • 1451

    Christopher Columbus

    Italian Explorer
  • 1452

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Inventor, polymath, scientist and much more, famous for his philosophy, inventions and designs which were at least 500 years ahead of his time and tested to be factually correct in how they work.
  • 1564


    English play write who gave birth to modern day entertainment through his development of theatre
  • George Washington

    The first American President and leader of their revolution against England
  • Mozart

  • Napoleon

    French Military Leader
  • The french Revolution

    When the French decided to overthrow monarchs
  • The american civil war

    A war between regions of america
  • World war 1

    first war global war
  • world war 2

    Second world war, primarily against Germany (Nazi's)
  • First man on the moon

    The decider of who would win the space race between Russian and North America