Historical Events that have shaped modern K-12 Education

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  • Women's Education

    Women's Education
    Latin grammar schools had been created exclusively for boys and admitting women into the education system brought a whole new level of competition.This is yet another era where education had a change that until now has not been changed.
  • Infant Primary Schools

    Infant Primary Schools
    Infant primary schools has got to be one of the greatest creations in history! Children as young as five years of age worked long hours in factories. These schools were designed to help children have a childhood as well as learn right before they returned back to work. Thanks to infant primary schools, the Kindergarten was created.
  • Horace Mann

    Horace Mann
    Horace Mann was an individual who did a lot for the public education system and turn it universal, non sectarian, and free. He was a top leader and believed that schools should be open to all people no matter what gender, race, rich, poor. What he did is great in the sense to help end social distinctions and bring a distant community into a whole.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    Brown v. Board of Education ruled that African American children could attend school with the White American children during this time. It is the beginning of a new change in the school system to equal rights and help end segregation.
  • Children With Disabilities (PL 94-142)

    Children With Disabilities (PL 94-142)
    The Children With Disabilities PL 94-142 or later known as the Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) became law. This is a major step-up in the education system for having equal rights and opportunity for all children. Thanks to parental pressure, court decisions, and legislative actions persuaded congress to finally come up with passing this into law. It is difficult for one person to take lead but if in a group; it may be easier to achieve a goal.