Historical events of Norway

  • Nov 19, 1028


    Danish Canute conquers Norway
  • Sep 11, 1240

    Building Norway

    Haakon IV is the first ruler to build up a strong Norway, some two centuries after the region becomes a single kingdom
  • Feb 11, 1289


    Edward I of England arranges for his 5-year-old heir to marry Margaret the Maid of Norway, the 7-year-old heiress to the kingdom of Scotland.
  • May 6, 1350

    Black Death

    A deadly plague, called the Black Death, kills over half of Norway's population.
  • May 7, 1397

    Kalmar Union

    Norway, Sweden, and Denmark agree to share a constituional monarch under the Kalmar Union. The union last until 1523, when Sweden became independent.
  • Mar 11, 1410

    Nearing Norway

    The Viking settlement in Greenland ends, after 400 years, when the last ship leaves the colony and sails for Norway
  • Aug 2, 1536

    Danish province

    Norway is proclaimed a Danish province.
  • Norway is now Sweden

    Denmark gives up Norway to Sweden. Although ruled by a Swedish king. Norwegians adopt a constitution and elect a king. After a war that lasted 14 days, Norway accepts Sweden's king, but still keeps its constitution.
  • Norway claims independence

    Norway finally proclaims its independence from Sweden. Prince Carl of Denmark becomes king.
  • Period: to

    World War I

    Norway still remains neutral.
  • Period: to

    WW II

    World War II
  • German Invasion

    German forces invade neutral Norway. They occupy Norway until the end of World War II, in 1945
  • Surrenders

    Germany surrenders to the Allies and the Nazi-occupation end sin Norway.
  • NATO

    Norway joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The NATO is a military alliance of nations.
  • Boosting Norway's economy

    Natural resources such as, oil and gas, are discovered in waterways near Norway advancing the country's economy.
  • Vote against joining the European Union

    Norwegians vote agaisnt joining the European Union (EU). They denied the EU again in 1994.
  • King Olav

    Christianity is established as the regions main relgion by King Olav.
  • Period: to May 6, 1050

    Viking era

    The viking age began. Viking King Harold Fairgair united Norway into one Kingdom. Also, during the Viking era, seafarers set out to conquer other lands. In 985 Erik the Red leads settlers to Greenland.