Historical Background

  • Alan Turing

    Alan Turing writes on Computable Numbers which he suggests a Universal machine that can do any calculation.
  • Period: to

    Historical Background of AI

  • Turing Test

    Turing suggests that might someday possess intelligence; he proposes the first teastfor possible machine intelligence.
    The turing test is a series of questions used as a test for intelligence in a computer
  • Eliza

    Dr Weizenbaum designs Eliza
  • Dendral-Expert System

    Work begun on the Dendral Expert system.

    AI language PROLOG (Programmed Logic) was developed.
    It is a language that you can code or programme in

    PARRY was written in 1972 by psychiatrist Kenneth Colby, then at Stanford University. While LIZA was a tongue-in-cheek simulation of a Rogerian therapist, PARRY attempted to simulate a paranoid schizophrenic.
    They generate answers to a questions you ask, it's a CLEVERBOT
  • Alice

    The Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. Wins the loebner prixe for the Turing Test.
  • ALICEBOT 2.0

    Updated version of ALICE.
    ALICE 2.0 repairs the shortcomings of the original ALICE. Because ALICE 2.0 can obtain factual information from external services and other bots, the number of AIML categories required is reduced.