historia de la ropa

Timeline created by cornelioo2310
  • 5,000 BCE

    birth of clothes

    birth of clothes
    these first articles were made with materials of nature such as skins, leaves etc and were called as loincloths
  • 2,500 BCE

    fine fabrics

    fine fabrics
    garments with fine fabrics and used as robes in egypt
  • 550

    after Christ

    for a long time the clothes did not have much evolution until middle age
  • Jan 1, 1401

    middle Ages

    middle Ages
    in the middle ages the clothes were transformed to distinguish the social classes
  • textile revolution

    textile revolution
    the bourgeoisie and the textile revolution what improves the quality of clothes
  • the twenty's

    the twenty's
    clothes with a lot of volume and very complex
  • 30 years

    30 years
    clothes with a lot of volume and very complex
  • forty years

    forty years
    the clothes definitely lose weight and the youthful fashions begin
  • fifties

    in high societies women wore light skirts under the knee gloves and hat
  • seventies

    the clothes are colorful and quite broad

    The clothes were based on urban cultures, black for metal heads, wide for hiphop, colorful clothes and tight for pop
  • twenty first century

    twenty first century
    the clothes revolve around the how and little with metallic colors
  • at present

    at present
    The clothing is made with synthetic materials or cotton is versatile and can be used in various ways