Ariella hip hop


  • R&B-hip hop.

    R&B-hip hop.
    Pop companies were trying to get white people to sing black people's songs, then put them on the radio. I fing this similar to what is happening today with Hip-Hop.
  • Elvis

    Elvis was a big hit at that time, and he was kind of what a rapper is today, just in the older days.Elvis had followers all over the world and people copied everything about him from his hair style to his clothes, he was an icon. Today, rappers are a massive part of Hip-Hop.
  • James Brown.

    James Brown.
    The first R&B million-selling album.was by James Brown whos influence on modern music was immeasurable,
  • The Beatles.

    The Beatles.
    The Beatles were the most popular pop group in Europe.In 1964
    they created the top five chart positions in America, Beatle mania was born and is still alive are.
  • The disco fever.

    John Travolta and the Bee Gees rose to fame with the film and music fom ''Saterday night fever''.John Travolta then went on to do Grease with more disco hits.
  • Dire Straits

    Dire Straits
    Dire straits was a band lead by Mark Knoffler, their music was different and came from Jazz Rock n roll and had good words and they became very famous selling million of albums, the most famours one was "brothers in arms"
  • Thriller- Michael Jackson

    Thriller- Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson came to fame with his brothers at the age of 4, but at the age of 25 he released the album thriller which sold millions of albums ,fantastic upbeat music that got everybody dancing!
  • Maddona

    Madonna shot to fame with her album "Material girl".She was the queen os Pop and her songs still last until today.
  • Prince

    Prince was a very talented singer and musician and even though he was known to be wierd he had millions of fans and he combined funky dancing music with many other styles.
  • The Spice Girls.

    The Spice Girls.
    The first all girls Pop band shot to fame with their album:'Wannabe'.they put out the message of ''girl-power''.
  • Beyonce

    Beyonce has songs that are full of rythme and beat and she is very popular probably the biggest star of her century. Until Beyonce there were not many black female artists who were so popular.
  • R & B- Chris Brown

    R & B- Chris Brown
    R & B was the biggest rise in music mostly by black artists like chris brown but oved by all young people black and white, a lot of rappers and hop hop tegother.