Hilgartner Bio Midterm - Names to Know

Timeline created by annafedder
  • Rev James Ussher

    Determined age of earth, creation in 4004 BC, predicted world to end in 1999
  • Hooke

    Came up with the word cell, accepted extinction
  • John Ray

    first came up with a definition for "species", took a step toward modern taxonomy
  • Period: to

    King George III

    Suffered from mental illness, later discovered that mentall illness was caused by porphyria
  • Lamarck

    came up with theory of evolution with acquired inheritance, didn't think extinction was an issue because of spontaneous generation
  • Georges Cuvier

    first began to believe that extinction must have occured from catastrophies
  • Charles Lyell

    Believed in slow changes in species, and didn not believe catastrophies had an effect on species. (disagreed with Cuvier)
  • Darwin

    Origin of Species published in this year, did work on natural selection.
  • Frederick Meischer

    Discovered substance called Nuclein, now known as DNA
  • Gregor Mendel

    Austrian Monk, pea plant experiments in monestary
  • Ernst Haekle

    Discovered that the development of an organism repeats its evolutionary history, and is an indicator of common ancestors
  • Queen Victoria

    Carrier for Hemophilia
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan

    Began studies on Drisophila melanogaster (think back to the disgusting fly movie)
  • Frederick Griffiths

    Looked for bacterial pneumonia vaccine, discovered the transforming factor.
  • Oparin

    Hypothesis: Add high energy to methane, ammonia, H2 and H20, --> produce amino acids --> proteins
  • To 1940's, Delbruck&Luria

    Worked with phages in E.coli to answer question of whether genetic material is in protein or DNA
  • Avery

    Tested the transforming factor, and the question "Is the genetic in the proteins, the RNA, or the DNA?
  • Miller & Urey

    Tested Oparin's hypothesis, think back to the picture with the beaker from the first unit. Proved amino acid chains become proteins.
  • Hershey and Chase

    Tested whether genetic material was in the protein or the DNA using radioactive phosphorus for the DNA detection, and radioactive sulfur for the detection of the proteins. (all tested in E. coli).
  • Hershey & Chase

    Tested whether genetic material was in protein or DNA using radioactive phoshorus and sulfur in E. Coli. Found that Radioactive phosphorus was in the E. Coli, so it had to be DNA.
  • Watson & Crick

    Discovered DNA Structure, watched entire video on them
  • Rosalin Franklin, Morris Wilkins

    Worked with Watson and Crick, included in movie
  • Linus Pauling

    Discovered the shape of proteins such as hemoglobin, attempted to describe DNA structure, won a Nobel Prize