Highlights of Technology since 1950

By Jmstern
  • SABRE system is created

    SABRE was developed as an online airline travel site
  • ARS

    Beginning development of airline resercation systems
  • Beginning of development for business travel

  • Color TV is added to guest rooms

  • CompuServe

    CompuServe introduces E-mail and dial-up networks (ex: AOL)
  • Hotels were developed for specific types of travelers (beyond business travelers)

  • Beginning in the 1980's American Hotel's began looking into world wide expansion

  • Videocom

    Videocom is the first muti-access global reservation system
  • Wired Internet Access

    Wired internet access is added to guest rooms
  • First hotel room management system launched in Europe

  • Wireless

    Wireless internet access is added to guest rooms
  • Microsoft launches Expedia

  • Electronic room keys invented

  • Blackberry launches phone-based e-mail delvery

  • Hospitality Performance Group

    Hospitality Performance group introduced a huge change for electronic marketing