Hershey Bar Candy TimeLine

Timeline created by WildFire16
  • His First Business

    Milton Hershey created the Lancaster Caramel Company in 1883, which was the start of him as a candy maker and sets him of future achievements.
    This is an example of entrepreneurship.
  • Chocolate Inspiration

    Milton Hershey was fascinated of a German based machine that makes chocolate in the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. He bought the equipment for his Lancaster plant to experiment on different variety of chocolate.
    This is an example of Capital.
  • His Journey

    Milton Hershey sold his Lancaster Company for 1 million dollars in 1900 to concentrate on his passion of chocolate.
    3 years later however, he returned to Derry Church to build a new factory. There he could obtain large quantities of fresh milk to create his new idea. This contains of 2 versions of factors of production.
    The factories is an example of a capital.
    The fresh milk is an example of land.
  • Model Town

    Milton Hershey's business of milk chocolate was a success. His ambition wasn't only on chocolate however. He has built a community surrounding his factory. He built that town for his employees. The town consisted of houses, transportation system, education system and etc. His employees are an example of a labor.
  • The Coco Bean Rise and the Wrapper Change

    Since the start of WW2, the Hershey bar's wrapper of white glassine paper has come to an end as it came as too expensive.
    During the 1950s raw cocoa beans fluctuated dramatically. To counteract with the changes in the prices, Milton decrease the weight of the bars when prices were high and increase the weight when prices were low. The glassine wrapping paper is an example of land.
    The cocoa beans are also an example of land.