Hero Project: Theodore Roosevelt

Timeline created by Caleb C
  • A Starting Point

    A Starting Point
    I begin to think about what hero I could choose for this biographical project. Potential choices include the Wright Brothers, Theodore Roosevelt, and Steve Jobs
  • Hero chosen

    Hero chosen
    I came to the descision to do my project on Theodore Roosevelt and will read a biography titled "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edmund Morris from my father's library.
  • And Off We Go

    And Off We Go
    I have begun reading the first few chapters of the aforemnetioned biography. I have found multiple interesting facts about Mr. Roosevelt I did not know before. For example, he is the fastest known handshaker in the world, averaging fifty grips per minute.
  • The First Piece

    The First Piece
    Today I posted my first blog post on the website Posterous. It is a summary of how I chose my hero to read and write about.
  • Halfway There

    Halfway There
    Today I have posted again to Posterous. In the blog, I explain the similarities and differences of fictional heroes. As well as compare thier standards those of real life heroes.
  • Almost There

    Almost There
    Today I have finished and polished previous posts to create this full timeline. I have also added pictures to those that did not have any. This timeline will be linked to my Posterous blog.