Hero project-Annie oakley

  • subway hero interview

  • Period: to

    Hero project

  • roy benevides video

    an inspiring video of a man who risked his life for others
  • Kristi Quillen interview

    understanding kristi's view of hero's and the peace core
  • Assignment set up

    starting our projects!
  • Library & hero's in literature

    Library & hero's in literature
  • Day 2 of library

    Day 2 of library
  • Heroes in literature

  • watch annie videos

  • "change the world" power point

  • First hard copy assignment due of hero project

  • DEAR

  • Mrs.Wade in and talk about hero project

  • study outside of school about annie

  • 2nd blog assignment due & Heroes in Lit. Essay

  • research and type up passage about annie oakley from book

  • Present part of bio