Hero Project

  • Subway Hero

    The class watched an interview with the Subway Hero and discussed heroism.
  • Roy Benavides

    Mrs. Allen read a chapter from John McCain's book describing Roy Benavides' bravery and talked about heroes that give up or risk their life for a greater cause.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    The class watched a video interview of a Peace Corps volunteer living in Costa Rica.
  • Project Introduction

    Mrs. Allen described the upcoming project and talked about the parts of the project.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Mrs. Allen asked the class whether a character in a story with good morals is a hero or the author that created them.
  • Found Book

    I found The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, and decided to use it for my project.
  • Period: to


    The entire class went to the library to pick a book for their project.
  • Period: to

    Change the World Powerpoint

    We watched several youtube videos and tried to form an idea of what a hero is.
  • Heroes in Literature Essay

    I wrote an essay about my idea of a hero. I had to write about heroes from my childhood and the literature I've read throughout my life.
  • First Chapter Sharing

    I picked a passage from The Last Lecture and shared it with the class, giving them an idea of why I think Randy Pausch is a hero.