Her Majesty's Theatre Melbourne

  • The Hippodrome occupies the site

    The Hippodrome is an open air venue in which circuses and equestrian shows were displayed, it occupied the site the theatre was built on.
  • Period: to

    Her Majesty's Theatre

  • Theatre starts being built

    Jules Francois de Sales Joubert begins to build the theatre that Nahum Barnet.
  • Alexandra Theatre Opens

    The Alexandra Theatre opens. The theatre is named after Princess Alexandra who was the wife of the future King Edward VII.
  • James Cassius Williamson Takes over the lease

    James Cassius Williamson takes over the lease on the theatre and re-names it Her Majesty's Theatre in honour of Queen Victoria.
  • Dame Nellie Melba's Australian Opera Debut

    Dame Nellie Melba makes her grand opera debut at Her Majesty's Theatre in the role of Violetta in the production of La Traviata.
  • J C Williamson Dies - George Tallis becomes Chairman

    James Cassius Williamson dies and George Tallis takes over as chairman of J C Williamson Ltd.
  • Name changed to His Majesty's Theatre

    The name of the theatre is changed to His Majesty's in honour of King George V.
  • A fire destroys the auditorium

    A fire is started by unknown causes and destroys the auditorium, fortunately the extent of the damages is minimised by automatic sprinklers and a fire curtain between the stage and the auditorium.
  • J C Williamson Theatres begins repairs

    J C Williamson Theatres begins to rebuild the theatre. The architects that were involved were Charles Hollinshed and Albion Walkley.
  • The Theatre Is Re-opened

    The Theatre is finished rebuilding and is reopened to the public.
  • The name is changed back to Her Majesty's Theatre

    The name is changed back to Her Majesty's Theatre following the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • My Fair Lady Premieres

    The Popular Broadway Musical My Fair Lady premieres at Her Majesty's Theatre. In total there are 730 performances at the theatre which sets the Australian record which is not broken until 1990 when The Phantom of The Opera was performed for three years straight.
  • Orchestra Pit Is Enlarged

    The theatres orchestra pit is enlarged in order to accomodate the Sutherland and Williamson Grand Opera Company's imminent tour to the theatre.
  • Building Sold to Gabriel Rose

    After having been owned by J C Williamson Theatres for 78 years the building is sold to Gabriel Rose
  • The Theatre is added to the Victorian Heritage Register

    On the theatres 100th anniversary it is added to both the National Trust and the Victorian Heritage Register.
  • The Auditorium is re-fitted for the production of Cats

    The auditorium was re-fitted so that they would be able to accomodate the production of Cats, which went was shown for over a year at the theatre. At the end of the season the auditorium was returned to its previous state.
  • Her Majesty's Theatre Closes

    The final production at the theatre before it was closed was the Hobbit and the theatre was closed at the end of the final performance.
  • Mike Walsh Becomes the New Owner

    Mike Walsh becomes the new owner of her majestys theatre and begins to completely rebuild the stage house and various backstage areas. Some parts of the foyers are also remodelled.
  • Dressing Rooms Upgraded

    The dressing rooms are renovated for the first time since 1904.
  • Cabaret Plays a 14 Week Season

    The musical Cabaret plays a 14 week season
  • Theatre Re-opened

    The theatre is re-opened with the production of The Hollow Crown by the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • Original Basement Dressing Rooms are Gutted and Rebuilt

    The original basement dressing rooms are gutted and completely rebuilt.
  • New Australian Musical Eureka Plays

    Eureka, a new Australian musical is played at the theatre to celebrate the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat's 150th anniversary.
  • Mamma Mia Plays a 14 Week season

    A season of Mamma Mia plays at Her Majesty's Theatre and is the conclusion to a four year tour by the show throughout Australasia.
  • Extensive Rebuilding and Renovations Take Place

    The renovations to the theatre include two new dressing rooms as well as several new offices in the production block. A central Staircase is also built.
  • The Dress Circle and Stall Seats Are Replaced

    The Dress Circle and Stall seats that had been originally installed in 1934 were replaced with seats that met the current regulations for safety. This increased the theatre capacity from 1,620 to 1,700.
  • Miss Saigon has a 16 Week Season

    Miss Saigon, at the start of its Australian tour had a 16 week season at the theatre. The production set the record for most box office earnings in a week at Her Majesty's Theatre.
  • Grand Circle Seats also Renovated

    Th Grand Circle seats are also renovated similarly to the others earlier on in the year.
  • Mary Poppins Has 299 Preformances

    The famous musical Mary Poppins presents 299 performances to completely sold out crowds for the entire season.