Henry Hudson

  • Jan 1, 1565

    Henry Hudson is born

    Henry Hudson is born
    Historians don't know the exact date of Hudson's birth but they know it was somewhere between 1560 and 1570.
  • Henry's first voyage

    Henry's first voyage
    Hudson set sail on a ship called Hopewell. He was seeking a northern route from Europe to Asia. He was sailing for an English fur trading company. Unfortunately, when he got far enough north he was blocked by ice.
  • Hudson's second voyage

    Hudson's second voyage
    Henry Hudson once again tried to find a northern route to Asia. He sailed in the same ship for the same company. He was once again blocked by ice.
  • Henry Hudson's Third Voyage

    Henry Hudson's Third Voyage
    Henry Hudson set sail on his third voyage. He sailed in a ship called Half Moon and a crew of 10 men. First, he headed north but his crew was cold and was close to mutiny. So he changed course to North America and sailed into New York Bay. When he reached the Hudson River, he thought he reached the Pacific Ocean but the Natives in the area didn't welcome him so he and his crew so he left.
  • Discovered Hudson River

  • Henry Hudson's Fourth Voyage

    Henry Hudson's Fourth Voyage
    Henry set sail on his fourth voyage in a ship called Discovery. He found a body of water that was at that time called Furious Overfall. Later it was renamed Hudson Strait. From there, he sailed into the Hudson Bay. Hudson thought that if he sailed west into James Bay he would eventually sail into the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, he failed to find the outlet and his men had to spend the winter in cold weather.
  • Discovered Hudson Bay

    Discovered Hudson Bay
  • Henry Hudson Dies

    Henry Hudson died in the Hudson Bay after his crew mutinied and he was set adrift. His crew mutinied because they thought that Hudson was to blame for all their troubles.