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  • Henry is adopted from Seattle Animal Shelter

    Henry is adopted from Seattle Animal Shelter
  • Initial vet exam + check up for skin condition, interdigital erythema, and gunky ears he was adopted with

    Rabies vaccination, Ear drops, steroid medication, antiobiotic for skin infection
  • Henry is neutered on Valentine's day.

  • Henry Electrocutes himself by chewing an extension cord

  • Vet appointment because Henry's electrocuted mouth is beginning to smell up the house.

    Rx for Antibiotic and mouth rinse
  • Vet appointment for skin

    NSAID and pain med
  • Vet appointment for skin

    Rx for Prednisone, flea control for 3 months, Bordetella vaccination
  • Vet appointment for limp, rear left leg

    Pain injection, IV Catheterization, 3 x-ray views, x-ray consult
  • Patellar luxation surgery -- Left leg

    1st surgery on L knee. To prevent ACL tear. This did not work.
  • Vet visit for annual vaccines

    Deworming pill, Coronavirus vaccine, Bordetella, DA2PP, lepto annual, Giardia, Rabies
  • Vet appt for allergy/skin: Blood drawn for allergy test, steroid shot, antibiotics.

  • Vet appointment for skin/allergy: steroid shot, antibiotic

  • Vet appointment for diarrhea...hookworms

    Fecal float, deworming meds
  • Vet appointment for diarrhea = hookworm = worm shot, antibiotic, steroid.

    Labs for fecal swab.
  • Vet appointment for skin/allergy: steroid shot, antibiotic shot, antibiotics (pills)

  • Vet visit for skin/allergy

    Hydroxyzine & Cephalexin
  • Vet appointment for skin/allergy

    blood draw/panel, vetalog injection, antibiotic
  • Initial Consult with Dermatologist for skin/allergies

  • Consultation with Specialist/Surgeon for Right Shoulder/Elbow

    X-rays, sedation, consult
  • Vet appointment for Canine flu

    Cerenia Injection, Nausea medication, steroid medication, daytime kennel fee
  • CT scan & ACL Surgery

    Planned exploratory right elbow/shoulder surgery. However, Henry stopped weight bearing on real left leg. Diagnosis: partial rupture of cranial cruciate ligament. tibial plateau leveling osteotomy
    In addition CT scan for bilateral elbows/shoulder. Diagnosis: fragmented medial coronoid process right elbow with possible ununited medial epicondyl of the humerus
    pain medication, NSAID
  • Post surgical check up; rimadyl

  • Dermatologist: intradermal skin test, steroid shot, allergy serum, antibiotics, flea/heartworm meds

  • X-rays for possible damage to surgery leg; skin/allergy; rabies shot; Rimadyl

    Henry stopped weight bearing on L rear leg. X-rays were taken to insure he hadn't damaged the surgical repair of his ACL. Surgeon views x-ray = no damage. Likely just strained muscles.
  • Vet for skin/allergy

    Steroid Injection