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Heira of Change

  • COVID in China

    The World Health Organization (WHO) announces mysterious Coronavirus-related pneumonia in China
  • COVID in USA

    Washington state resident becomes the first person in the USA with a confirmed COVID case
  • Quarantine in China

  • Global Health Emergency

    Air travel restrictions are imposed by America, China, Australia, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand
  • COVID-19 Declared a Pandemic

  • USA Declares National Emergency

  • California Issues Stay-At-Home Order

  • China Begins to Reopen

  • BLM Riots in USA Begin

    White Supremacists, ANTIFA, and other terrorist groups take advantage of BLM protests
  • US COVID Deaths Surpasses 100,000 Mark

  • US COVID Cases Reach 2 Million

  • China Officially Reopened & Recovered

  • USA Suspects China of Foul Play

  • US COVID Deaths Surpasses 3 Million Cases

  • US Reports New Record

    75,600 cases
  • USA Confronts China

    China interprets USA's words as threat and begins preparing for war
  • Liberals Begin Protesting

    Liberal Americans march the streets of Washington DC with signs cursing out President Trump and demanding he apologize to China
  • Assassination of Trump and Pence

    Harper Grimes and Quinn Andrews led a violent raid into the White House at 10:20 am with the help of white supremacists, anarchists, sovereign citizen, and fellow pro-abortion extremists. Andrews scheduled to be part of the biweekly tour then snuck away and called Grimes with information on how to enter. The raid ended with 3,500 casualties, including the publicized murder of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Micheal R. Pence, and another 400 injured
  • Arsonist Burns Down White House

  • Arsonist in California Sparks Wildfire

  • Florida Men Wreak Havoc By Riding Alligators

    Jacksonville, Miami, Palm Beach, and Tallahassee
  • California Wildfire Spreads

    Nevada (8.14), Utah (8.17), Arizona (8.19), New Mexico (8.20)
  • Bombing in DC

    15 dead, 254 injured
  • Flooding in Midland, Michigan

    10,000 evacuated citizens
  • Mass Shooting in DC

    4 dead, 26 injured
  • Double Hurricane Hits Louisiana

    12 dead, 27 injured, and 250 displaced
  • Tornado Torments North Carolina

    3 dead, 11 injured, and 20 displaced
  • DC Mass Shooting & Bombing

    3,000 dead, 2,200 injured
  • Washington DC Lockdown

    Police allowed to arrest anyone out without permission. Essential items must be bought online and delivered to the door
  • Protests & Riots Break Out Across America

    Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, New York subjected to $30,000 in damages. 3,400 dead and injured
  • Attempted National Lockdown

  • North Korea Attempts to Invade South Korea

  • More Protests & Riots

  • Police & National Guard Fight Back

  • Japan Allies With South Korea

  • American Second Civil War

  • UN and EU Pull Out of US Alliances

  • Fighting Intensifies in Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia Closes Borders

  • Nuclear Bombing of Japan

    The whole country sinks beneath the waves after two weeks
  • Nuclear Bombing of Alaska

  • Canada Prepares for War

  • American War Seeps into Mexico

  • Terrorism in England

    Hateful English terrorists begin attacking Irish citizens and spark war
  • Protests Break Out Across Canada

  • Police Brutality Against Anti-War Canadian Protestors

  • US Government Falls

  • Riots Begin in Canada

  • Canadian Government Begins Mass Shootouts

    American "liberators" posing as refugees begin terrorizing the streets; Canadian government fights back with extreme violence
  • Syria Government Falls

  • Canadian Civil War

  • North Korean Citizens Begin to Rebel

  • Kim Jong-un and Family Hide

  • China Closes Borders

  • Mexico Government Falls

  • English Royal Family Goes Into Hiding

  • Russia Closes Borders

  • UK Government Falls

  • Ireland Government Falls

  • Canada Government Falls

  • Africa Cuts Itself Off

  • Iran Government Falls

  • Afghanistan Government Falls

  • France Government Falls

  • Iraq Government Falls

  • Yemen Government Falls

  • Spain Government Falls

  • Oman Government Falls

  • Portugal Government Falls

  • Italy Government Falls

  • Austria Government Falls

  • Terrorism Breaks Out in South America

  • Turkey Government Falls

  • First South American Government Falls

  • All Governments in Middle East Have Fallen

    Exception for Saudi Arabia
  • Germany Government Falls

  • Poland Government Falls

  • Ukraine Government Falls

  • Denmark Government Falls

  • Greece Government Falls

  • Finland Government Falls

  • Norway Government Falls

  • Sweden Government Falls

  • All Governments in Europe Have Fallen

    Exception for Russia
  • Nuclear Bombing of Hawaii & Caribbean Isles

  • Last South American Government Falls

  • Major Fighting Ends

    Gangs Run the World: Every living person in any landmass outside of the borders of the continent of Africa or the countries of Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia must join one of the many gangs running rampant through the land or risk death from starvation, dehydration, respiratory illness from the insane amount of nuclear pollution in the air, or murder
  • Saudi Arabia Begins Conquer of Middle East

  • English Royal Family Comes Out of Hiding

    Queen Elizabeth II died while in hiding, as did her longtime heir apparent, Charles. so 42-year-old Prince William reclaimed his throne and declared the United Kingdom an absolute monarch once again. It took him 8 months to wrangle the entirety of his country's population back under his control, then began rebuilding
  • Russia Begins Rearranging Itself

    For optimal security, Russia moved its population and capital into the center of its land, leaving military camps along the borders
  • United Kingdom Begins to Thrive

  • Conquest of Europe Begins

  • Kingdom of Okavango is Established

  • Kingdom of Nileia is Established

  • Kingdom of Katara is Established

  • Kingdom of Lennon is Established

  • Russia Transfers to Monarchy

    The Kingdom of Baikal is established
  • Kingdom of Agra is Established

    A halfhearted (mostly verbal) battle between Kim Jong-un (age 66) and Xi Jinping (age 96) yielded the Compromise of Fused Bloodlines, in which Jinping's daughter, Xi Mingze (age 57), gave her son to Kim Jua-ae (Kim Jong-un's daughter; age 36) in marriage. Kim Ju-ae became the Empress of China and Korea, which then expanded to include Mongolia and officially became the Kingdom of Agra
  • Kingdom of Windsor is Established

    Frederick Ezekiel Windsor, a charming, smooth-talking, 34-year-old man, stood up and declared himself king of what was formerly the state of Pennsylvania on July 4, 2032. As the leader of one of the largest gangs in that area, he faced no opposition. He gained the continued support of his citizens within the next 20 years as he expanded his kingdom up along the east coast of the former USA, then into former Canada and Mexico
  • Technologically Unadvanced International Agreement

    Each of the 11 kingdoms takes an unbreakable vow to remain abstinent from advanced technology, medical procedures, warfare, and anything nuclear or atomic (the kingdoms that have yet to establish take this vow after they are officially recognized as a kingdom)
  • "Cold War" Between Agra & Katara Begins

  • Okavango and Nileia Combine to Form the Republic of Okanileia

    they maintain their two distinct royal bloodlines but add the elected League of Governors to help make final decisions (and each province has one an elected mayor and nobly descended duke or duchess)
  • Kingdom of Sentosa is Established

    with the help of Agra
  • Kingdom of Fortaleza is Established

    with the help of Windsor and Katara
  • Kingdom of Colca is Established

    with the help of Windsor and Katara
  • Kingdom of Adelaidia is Established

    with the help of Windsor and Katara
  • Colca & Fortaleza Peace Treaty

  • Sirena Elaine Holland's 17th Birthday

    a.k.a the start of "Heira of Change"
  • Sirena Arrives at the Windsorian Palace

  • Sirena & Camden's Wedding

  • Visit to Lennon

    8.22 - 9.6
  • Surprise Trip to Beau Rivage

    9.8 - 9.19
  • Rebel Attack

  • Trial of Cindy Forbes & Eric Wright

  • Camden's Planned Coronation

    cancelled on 11.17
  • Marcus Begins to Poison Sirena

    using lead-based dishes and cutlery
  • New Doctor Diagnosis Sirena with Lead Poisoning

    Camden called in a second doctor (this one not being blackmailed by the king to lie about the diagnosis)
  • Marcus Attempts to Murder Sirena

    shot and killed by Jax
  • Camden is Crowned King of Windsor

    a new (h)e(i)ra begins