• First Radio Headphones

    First radio headphones were starting to be created in January of 1919
  • Headphones first invented

    Headphones first invented
    headphonesNathaniel Baldwin created the first headphones.
  • Period: to


  • First Dynamic Headphones

    beyerdynamicBeyerdynamic created the first dynamic headphones
  • First Iron Headphones

    ironHeadphonesd in the early 1900's consisted of iron transducers
  • Stereo Headphones

    stereo headphonesJohn Koss invents the Stereo Headphones
  • Headphones become smaller

    The Walkman changes headphones for the better, making them smaller and easier to carry around.
  • Earbuds

    First earbuds were invented. This was a great invention because thats what most people use today and they are very small.
  • Beats come out

    Beats come out
    Beats by Dre headphones came out in 2009, and that was a great step forward since everybody loves Beats and they make alot of money.