• First Headphones invented

    First Headphones invented
    First headphones were invented by Nathaniel Baldwin.
  • Radio Headphones

    The first radio headphones started being manufactured.
  • First Dynamic Headphones invented

    First Dynamic Headphones invented
    The first dynamic headphones were invented by a german company called Beyerdynamic.
  • Iron Headphones

    Early HeadphonesIn consisted of moving iron transducers. In the 1950's, moving iron headphones were replaced by stereo headphones.
  • First stereo headphones

    First stereo headphones
    John C. Koss produced the first stereo headphones in 1958.
  • Transducers Replaced

    Transducers Replaced
    In the 1960's, Iron moving transducers where replaced with plastic cones.
  • Walkman changes Headphones

    Walkman changes Headphones
    With the release of the Sony Walkman, headphones started to become smaller and more compact, so they could be easier to carry around with the Walkman.
  • Earbuds

    In the 1990's earbuds came out, which revolutionized the headphone undustry. Having the sound go directly into your ear increased the quality of the sound.