Hayley williams

Hayley Williams

By kalynne
  • Born

    Hayley Williams was born in Meridian, Mississippi, U.S.
  • Period: to

    Hayley Williams in A music Video

    She was in the new found Glory Music Video called kiss me.
  • She moved

    She moved
    Hayley moved from Mississippi to Tennessee at the age of 13. she met her old band members in school.
  • Singer

    She has benn singing since 2004 and still going
  • Touring

    Paramore started touring outside the U.S.
  • A new hit single...Fallen

    A new hit single...Fallen
    Hayley sang the song Fallen with Death in the Park .
  • Singing with B.o.B

    Singing with B.o.B
    Hayley and B.o.B sang the song airplanes together.