Hatchet Timeline- Clasen

  • The Secret

    The Secret
    Brian finds out about his mothers affair
  • Dad moves out

    Dad moves out
    Brian's dad moves out after the divorce
  • The Crash

    The Crash
    The plane crashes into the lake
  • Airport

    Brian's mom drops Brian off at the airport.
  • The Heart Attack

    The Heart Attack
    The pilot has a heart attack and dies.
  • Gut Cherries

    Gut Cherries
    Brian finds the gut cherries
  • The Mosquitoes

    The Mosquitoes
    After Brian wakes up he gets attacked by mosquitoes.
  • The Bear

    The Bear
    Brian sees the bear next to the raspberry bushes
  • The Fire

    The Fire
    Brian finally makes the fire
  • The Raspberries

    The Raspberries
    Brian finds the raspberries
  • The Porcupine

    The Porcupine
    Brian is attacked by the porcupine
  • Turtle Eggs

    Turtle Eggs
    Brian finds and eats the turtle eggs
  • The Missed Plane

    The Missed Plane
    Brian sees a plane, but it passes over the camp.
  • The Cutting

    The Cutting
    Brian cuts himself with the hatchet after the plane passed over him.
  • The bow and arrow

    The bow and arrow
    Brian tries making a bow and arrow.
  • The First Feast Day

    The First Feast Day
    Brian makes thenbow and arrow and remembers that water bends light, then he catches his fish feast.
  • The Skunk

    The Skunk
    Brian gets sprayed by the skunk.
  • The Wolf

    The Wolf
    Brian sees the three wolves
  • The Foolbird

    The Foolbird
    Brian catches a foolbird.
  • The Moose

    The Moose
    Brian gets attacked by the moose while cleaning his bird,
  • The Tornado

    The Tornado
    The tornado tears up Brian's camp.
  • Brushpile One

    Brushpile One
    Brians swims out to the plane on a raft, that he named the Brushpile One, to get the survival pack out of the sunken plane.
  • Brian Drops the Hatchet

    Brian Drops the Hatchet
    Brian drops his hatchet while trying to get into the plane.
  • Emergency Broadcast

    Emergency Broadcast
    Brian leaves the emergency transmitter on, and the other pilot follows the signal.
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    Brian gets rescued.