Harry Shum Jr.

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    Harry Shum Jr.'s Immigration Story

    Ninteen year old Harry Shum Jr. went through twenty five years of immigration experiences. Having it's ups and downs,his story wasn't as easy as some other immigrant's.
  • Harry Lost His Job

    Harry Lost His Job
    After working at an industry in China for three years, European industries started to become more succseful. Making industries in China lose money, and was forced to lay-off some workers. Unfortunately Harry was one of the workers laied off, leaving him with no job, in a 6 bedroom house, with his sister.
  • Immagrated

    After one year jobless, Harry had found out about the opportunities in America. America had more job openings, and was told to be where everyone got rich, because of the Califonian Gold Rush. Adding to that if Harry stayed in China any longer he would die, he barley had enough money every month. Harry set off to America, leaving his sister behind. His sister would come to America after she finished her education in China.
  • Angell Island

    Angell Island
    After four month of being cramped in a ship to Angell Island, the immigration station, Harry finally made it. Passing through inspection though, wasn't as easy as it sounds. Not knowing much English he struggled through the questions that gaurds asked. This was also where he met his furture best friend, Chen. Chen was also a immigrator from China, but came for a different reason. Chen had come to America because he was a contract laborer. He was brought to America to work for a man in New York.
  • Decides to Move West

    Decides to Move West
    After one year of living in New York, Harry Shum Jr. decides to migrate to California. Because 80% of the work force in the west were Chinese immigrants, there weren't as many American workers. This angered thee Americans and caused them to un-favor the immigrants. Feeling uncomfortable, and mistreated, Harry decided to migrate to the west, where there were more Califonians, which were the people who most favored Chinese immigrants. Also he could earn more money there than in New York.
  • Arrives in California

    Arrives in California
    After almost a month of traveling, Harry made it to California. In California he started working on railroad construction. Where he met Chen, once again. Chen's owner had let him off and Chen traveled to California, for the same reason Harry did; the Califonians most favored asian worker to work for them. Through working together Chen and Harry bonded alot, adn became very close friends.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    After years of serving in California, Henry and Chen lost their jobs. Unfortunately people in Califonia started complaining about the asian immigrants as well. Which later caused the govornment to pass the Chinese Exclusion Act, which set out three things, after nintey days of being passed all Chinese immigrants exclude their jobs for ten years, Chinese immigrants can no longer become a citizen, and all Chinese immigrants already in America must turn in their registration, again.
  • Goes Back to New York

    Goes Back to New York
    After suffereing through 2 years without a job Harry and Chen migrate back to New York and find a small complex they can afford. Where they lived for one year. But soon after Harry gets a letter from his sister saying she wants him to come back to China; she can't survive on her own, and the American government wont let her immigrate to America. Desperate to help his sister, Harry leaves to China. Harry also goes back because he knows there is a easier, better life waiting for him in China.
  • Settled Down

    Settled Down
    After a few years back in China, Harry confirmed that it was easier in China. Everything had been fix with the industries, and Harry got a new job, getting a good wage, and living in a nice house with his sister. His life was at its best. There in China Harry later passed away because of an illness, still un-known, ten years later.