Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince - fiction - 652 pages

  • 37 pages

    Cornelius Fudge meets with a Prime Minister of a muggle country to update him on everything that has been going on in the magic world. Then, Narcissa and Bellatrix, sister death eaters visit Spape, and ask him questions about Voldemort. pages 1-37; (37 total pages)
  • 66 pages

    Dumbledore come to retrieve Harry Potter and takes him to Rons House. When Harry arrives, Ron and Hermione are both there. Later on, they receive they're grades on the O.W.L.S. , tests they took in their 5th year at Hogwarts. pages 38-104; (104 total pages)
  • 49 pages

    Hogwarts students meet at platform 9 and 3/4 to get on the Hogwarts Express. Professor Slughorn then calls Harry, Ginny, Neville, and a couple of other students to talk about their parents. pages 105-154; (154 total pages)
  • 38 pages

    Malfoy paralyzes Harry when he reliezes he was spying on them. Tonks discovers him and saves him. In Potions class, harry ends up winning Liquid Luck, because of a book that belonged to the half blood prince. pages 155-193; (193 total pages)
  • 42 pages

    The Quidditch teams trials are held for Gryffindor, and Harry is declared the new captain of the team. Ron makes the team, as well as Ginny. Harry has his first private lesson with Dumbledore. pages 194-236; (236 total pages)
  • 41 pages

    Katie, a player on the gryffindor quidditch was cursed by touching a necklace inside a package. Harry starts to realize he has feelings for Ginny, because when her and Dean Kiss, he gets jeolous. pages 237- 278; (278 total pages)
  • 45 pages

    The first quidditch match of the year is coming up and Ron is getting very nervous and cranky. Harry gives him liquid luck and he does really good in the games. he starts dating Laverder Brown, and Hermione gets jeolous, resulting Ron and her to not talk to eachother. pages 279-324; (324 total pages)
  • 47 pages

    Harry POtter has another one of his private lessons with Dumbledore. He shows Harry more important memories that will apperently help harry fight voldemort. He shows him one that was tampered with involving Professor Slughorn. pages 325- 372; (372 total pages)
  • 26 pages

    It is Ron's birthday, and he wakes up with presents by his bed. he finds a box of chocolates and eats them, and they end up being a love potion that was initially made for Harry. pages 273-298; (298 total pages)
  • 49 pages

    Ron and Hermione arent talking at all. When Hermione and ron realized that Harry never actually put the Liquid Luck into Ron's juice, Hermione becomes sicks of Ron and his annoying remarks. pages 299-348; (348 total pages)
  • 49 pages

    Harry is given homework from Dumbledores private lessons for the first time. he is to extract a real memory out of Professor Slughorn. When he attempts to do it , Sulghorn refuses to say anything. pages 349 -398; (398 total pages)
  • 23 pages

    Harry Potter goes to the hospital because McLaggen accidently hits him in the head with a bludger. Harry asks Dobby and Kreacher to follow Malfoy to see what he's up to. pages 399- 422; (422 total pages)
  • 23 pages

    Ron and Harry are finally released from the hospital. Harry has yet another private lesson with Dumbledore, and this time they see Voldemort wanting to become a teacher at Hogwarts starting when he was 18 years old. pages 423- 446; (446 total pages)
  • 21 pages

    Kreacher and Dobby come back to tell Harry that Malfoy hasnt been doing anything suspicious. Then, Harry figures out that Draco has been using the Room of requirement. pages 447-468; (468 total pages)
  • 30 pages

    Harry finally realizes a way to extract the memory from SLughorn; to use his Liquid Luck potion. He uses it, and successfully gets the memory, and then goes back to the castle to show Dumbledore. pages 469-499; (499 total pages)
  • 34 pages

    Harry and Dumbledore talk for a while discussing Horcruxes. Dumbledore explains to Harry that Voldemort made 6 horcruxes, and they're already found 3 of them, making it so Harry has to find the next 3 in order to kill Voldemort. pages 500- 534; (534 total pages)
  • 19 pages

    Ginny and harry start dating. Dumbledore calls harry for another meeting and tells him that he found one of voldemorts horcruxes, so him and Harry leave to go find it. pages 535- 554; (554 total pages)
  • 29 pages

    Harry and Dumbledore are sucessful in getting the Horcrux. Dumbledore ends up having to drink a poison to get it, but in the end it happens. When they return to hogwarts, theres the Dark mark over the castle. pages 555-584; (584 total pages)
  • 25 pages

    Malfoy disarms Dumbledore, while Harry is frozen by a curse so he cant move. Malfoy is supposed to kill Dumbledore. Snape and other death eaters come to were Malfoy is, and Snape kills Dumbledore. pages 585- 610; (610 total pages)
  • 41 pages

    It is the day of Dumbledores funeral, and everyone is there. The merpeople sing from under the water, and even the centaurs pay tribute. Harry anounces he will not be attending Hogwarts next year because hes gonna look for the Horcruxes, and Ron and hermione say they're coming with him. pages 611-652;(652 total pages)