Harriet Tubman

  • Birth

    She was born in 1819 into slavery. She was born in Dorchester County, Maryland. Her birth name was Araminta Ross.
  • She began working

    She was able to work at the age of six.
  • She was called Harriet Ross

    When she was twelve, she took after her mom's name.
  • Had an injury

  • Marriage

    She was married to John Tubman.
  • Escaped

    She left her husband and went to Philidelphia.
  • worked in Philidelphia

  • Helped Slaves escaped to the North

    She helped the slaves escape and move up North.
  • Tubman guided 11 fugitives up north

  • Given a home by Quakers

  • Rescued her father

  • Met abolitionist John Brown

  • Given a home in auburn

  • Entered the Civil War as a nurse

  • Put together a group of spies who wanted to join the union army

  • Married to Nelson Davis

  • The Underground Railroad Published

    She published her book The Underground Railroad.
  • adopted a child Gertie

  • gave some land to a Methodist church

  • Death