Hapsburg Austria

  • Treaty of Carlowitz

    The Treaty of Carlowitz was signed, and resulted in Austria gaining control of Germany.
  • Period: to

    Hapsburg Austria

  • Marriage

    Maria Theresea married Francis Stephen the Grand Duke of Tuscany. She was very jealous of her husband and his infiedility was the greatest issue in his marraige
  • Children

    From 1737 to 1756, Maria Theresa had 16 children, 13 who survived infantry.
  • Securance of Inheartance

    Charles VI fought so that Maria Theresa could have the full rights to the throne
  • Co - Rulers

    Maria Theresa and Franics where co-rulers of Austria, all though Maria Theresa was superior.
  • Archdutchess of Austria

    Maria Theresa is named the Archdutchess of Austria, which is the highest title a women can hold. Her husband claims the title of Emperor of Austria untill his death in 1765
  • Period: to

    Rein of Maria Theresa

  • First Women Ruler

    Maria Theresa was the first women ruler of Austria
  • Coronation

    Maria theresa's coranation as archdutchess of Austria.
  • Devote Roman Catholic

    Maria Theresa was a devote Roman Catholic and believed in religious unity for peaceful public life. She never allowed the Church to interfear with the monarchy.
  • Reformed the school system

  • Husband's death

    When Francis died in 1765, Maria Theresa abandoned all ornate things. She cut her hair short, painted all her rooms black, and dressed in black the rest of her life. Her eldest son took over as the Co- Ruler
  • Sickness

    Maria Theresa came down with smallpox, a deadly diesease, that cause complecations later in life.
  • Death

    Maria Theresa dies Novemeber 24, 1780 from complications of a smallpox attack when she was 50. She was 63.