Hans Oerstad

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  • Hans Oersted Born

    Hans Oersted Born
    Hans Oerstad was born in Rudkøbing, Denmark
  • Class Experiment

    Class Experiment
    Oersted carried out an experiment that was never performed before. He placed a compass underneath a wire and then turned on electric current. The needle of the magnetized compass showed movement. Oersted recognized the significance of what he had just done. Earlier, it was believed that electricity and magnetism were two different forces. Oersted had demonstrated that they were interconnected. Some scientists, influenced by this experiment, continued with the modern field of “electromagnetism”.
  • Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

    Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
    The unit named after Hans Oersted is Oe which means, The unit of magnetic field strength in the centimeter-gram-second system. A unit magnetic monopole in a magnetic field with a strength of one oersted would be subjected to a force of one dyne. It is equal to 79.577 amperes per meter.
  • Aluminium is Discovered

    Aluminium is Discovered
    Hans Oersted discovered Aluminium.
  • Hans Oersted Dies

    Hans Oersted Dies
    Hans Oersted died in Copenhagen, Denmark.