halo trilogy

By s2065
  • HALO 1

    HALO 1
    THE HALO TRILOGY HALO 1 WAS RELEASED IN NOVEMBER 15TH 2001 halo 1 was the start of the trilogy
  • HALO 2

    HALO 2
    HALO 2 WAS RELEASED NOVMEBER 9 2004 WAS MADE FOR XBOX and pc halo 2 was when master chief frist meets the flood
  • HALO 3

    HALO 3
    HALO 3 WAS RELEASED IN 25TH OF SEPTEMBER 2007 halo 3 is when the prohpit deads and the covernent.
  • halo wars

    halo wars
    halo wars was released in austraila and in japan at the same time and halo wars is not a frist person shooter but a cormander game
  • halo 3 odst

     halo 3 odst
    halo odst in halo odst you are a specal ops unit was released after halo 3
  • halo reach

    halo reach
    halo reach was site in 2552 halo reach was is before halo 1
  • halo 4

    halo 4
    halo 4 release date is unknowen
    but it is ment to come out holidays 2012
    halo 4 when master chief comes across a new tip of enemy