Halo Contact Harvest, by: Joseph Staten, Fiction, pages 396

Timeline created by CollinReed
  • Pages 1-36

    Staff Sargent Avery Johnson was knocked unconcious after an explosion took place on one of his Naval Spec. ops teams missions. Also a large freighter space ship was cut all of its power and is facing danger. TOTAL: 36
  • Period: to

    Halo Contact Harvest

  • Pages 37-88

    Staff sgt. Johnson was reassigned to planet Harvest to train civiallanson how to use live firearms. Another NAval freighter ship went unaccounted for but this one actually contained a human pilot instead of a computer. TOTAL: 88
  • Pages 89-139

    Johnson was reassigned with the task of investigating what went wrong with the 2nd Naval Vessel that went unaccounted for. He and his marine team discovered it wan't pirates or raiders that attacked the ship but an alien race.The marine team attempt to capture an alien but all the aliens eitheir run or are killed by the Marines. TOTAL: 139
  • Page 140-260

    The aliens discovered the human planet of Harvest which Staff sgt. Johnson safely returned to and the humans plan to make a peaceful impression on the aliens. Things go wrong and the aliens begin to shoot and kill some of the marines and the war between the two races has begun. TOTAL: 260
  • pages 261-284

    A message was relayed to the alien megaship/megacity that the attack on the newly found human world failed. The aliens plan to inittiate another attack but to do it with greater speed and greater force. TOTAL:284
  • pages 285-301

    The marines begin to evacuate the citizins of harvest. The citizins and marines alike are hard to keep under controll and an alien super ship is vaporizing the large cities.

  • Pages 302-317

    The aliens begin to occupy Harvests space elevator and are destroying any cargo including humans that attemp to go up it. Also, the alien supership is beginning to have leadership struggles because of the large amount of failed attacks on Harvest. TOTAL:317
  • Pages 318-350

    The aliens are struggling to contain dominence over the humans. The marines launched a surprise attack on the alien leaders squad and when the alien leader returned ship nobody respected him and the leader was killed and his nephew is now the new leader.Also, the marines are beggining to bring civillians up the space elevator in attempt to get them off of the planet.

    TOTAL: 350
  • Pages 351-378

    Staff sgt. Johnson and his marine squad took the space elvator back over with only one of the elevator cars being destroyed which still is 20,000 civillian casualties. The alien ship was disabled by a large mass driver gun positioned on Harvests surface and everyone made it off of Harvest. TOTAL:378
  • Pages 379-396

    The laiens burned and estroyed the entire planet of Harvest and plan on following the human ships to reach which is another planet that the humans have. The aliens elected new leaders in there megaship/city and these leaders seek violence not peace.
    TOTAL: 396