Halle Berry by Carly P

By mrst
  • When she was a baby.

    When she was a baby.
    Halle Berry was born on August 14, 1966. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio.Her full name is Halle Maria Berry. Her moms name is Judith Berry and her dads name is Jerome Berry.
  • After she was in a pageant.

    After she was in a pageant.
    After Halle Berry was in a pegeant, she became a model. Halle first came up to the spotlight when she as 17 years old ans She won Miss Teen All-American Pegeant and she was representing the state of Ohio in 1985. One years later in 1986 she was runner-up in the Miss USA pegeant.
  • Awards

    Halle berry won alot of awards but these are the most important ones. she won the 1 AFI Film Award in 2002, 1 Oscar award in 2002, 1 Emmy awardthrough 2000-2005, and 1 Golden Globe award through 2000-200 and won the Black Movie Award through 2005-2006.
  • When she won her award.

    When she won her award.
    Halle Berry was the first African-American to ever win the African-American. She won her award March 24, 2002 for the staring part role for drama in Monster'S Ball. ( co-staring Billy Bob Thornton).
  • halle berrys family

    halle berrys family
    Berry's mother is white and her is father black. He left when Halle Berry was omly four years old, then he returned after some years later but not for long. Some accounts say he was abusive to both his wife and his daughters.