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Half Moon ; Eoin Colfer; FIC ;290 pgs

  • reading 1

    1 - 62
    Starts with Fletcher Moon a yound kid detetive in elemantary school in Ireland. One day when moon gets to school one of the school's trouble makers Herod Sharkey is fighting an older girl Belaa Barnes. Herod stole her planner and wanted moon prove that he did. So moon did an check of Herod's shoes and found bellas plannerin the school garden. Then the prinicle Ms. Quinn caught them and saw Moon stepping on her flowers and sent him to her office. On his way Moon ran into Red Sharkey, Herod
  • reading 1 (con)

    s Older brother and talked. Red then stole moons badge and ran off before he could noticed. In the office he sat next to a girl April and she paid hims and gave him a job. Later he went to Aprils about the job. For a missing piece(Lock) of Pop Star Hair.
  • Reading 2

    Moon Checked stolen item reports and finds a connetion between the cases, they're all young people. He again meets with April and her groups Les jeunes etudiantes and finds out a girl named Mercedes had her mini-disk stolen. Then April's Cousin May Calls Red and tells him that he's a suspect. he came over and had an arguement with Moon about it. Late that night Moon sees something outside and he gets beat up and passes out. he wakes up in the hospital with a broken nose and arm.
  • reading 3

    Moon finds evidence at red beat him up and goes to may's to use her camera but finds the place on fire and is blamed for arson. Red breaks moon out of custdy and tells moon he was also blamed. Red takes Moon back to his house and disgues Moon as his cousin Named Waston. They find giant footpirants were Moon was attacked and also that Mecedes blamed a kid named Erine for stealing her friends ipod getting him expelled. red and Moon stakeout Aprils House, her groups is having a meeting and
  • reading 4 (con)

    find out that they have been getting boys at the school expelled on purpose.They get caught and locked in a room by April but May let's them out and they go to prinicple Quinn's to stop april from getting Herod expelled.
  • reading 4

    202- 290
    Red and Moon get to Mrs. Quinn's house and stop April from getting expelled by messaging her speech to the officer present and she gets in SUPER big trouble. red and Moon still arent cleared. They go see a good detcetive Dominque and solve the thefts with the connections they make between the victims. They go to the talent show and tell everyone that May's father was the theft and wanted his daughter to win the contest for once. He gets arrested and Moon and red become partners END