Haitian Revolution

  • Toussaint becomes commander in cheif of all french armies in saint dominque

    Toussaint becomes the commander in cheif of all french armies in the area of Saint Domingue.
  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution

  • Toussaint

    Toussaint disposes of Southonax
  • Treaty

    A treaty is made between Toussaint and Maitland the British general.
  • Toussaint expels Hedouville

    Toussaint expels Hedouville and raises the cultivators of the North area with a rumor their general has come to restore slavery.
  • Preperations for war

    War breaks out between the two generals Toussaint and Rigaud the war is also known as the war of knives.

    Toussaint puts down the mulatto revolt in the Artibonite
  • Pursuing the war against the mulattos

    Toussaint invades the south. His men give up their guns for knives and they even gave them up for teeth.
  • Riguad is defeated

    Riguad is defeated at Acquin.
  • Riguad sails for Saint Thomas

    Riguad sials for Saint Thomas while his corporation of seven hundered mulattos are sailing to Cuba.
  • Toussaint pronounces a genral amnesty

    Toussaint pronounces a genral amnesty as he enters Les Cayes
  • Toussaint makes a new system

    Toussaint proclaims a system of forced labor on the plantations.