Hair Brushes

  • First manufacturer for Brush

    First manufacturer for Brush
    William Kent founded "Kent brushes " in Great Britain
  • Mason Pearson Brushes

    Mason Pearson Brushes
    Mason Pearson invented an automatic brush-boring machine to speed the process of brush making.
  • Patent for synthetic brush

    Patent for synthetic brush
    Lyda Newman made the first patent for synthetic burhses.
  • Fuller Brush Co.

    Fuller Brush Co.
    Alfred Fuller started the Fuller Brush Company in 1906
  • Modern Brushes

    Modern Brushes
    The flat or paddle-style brush was common in early designs, but now round brushes are especially popular for women. Read more: The History of Hair Brushes | eHow
  • Soapy Brush

    The Soapy brush was invented by two 8th graders. It is used to wash and brush hair at the same time.