H US Ch.3 Lesson 2 Causes of Revolution

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  • Sugar Act

    This law was one of the early laws that were made. There were taxes on sugar and molasses because of the Sugar Act. The colonists got mad and protested. They also confiscated cargo too.
  • Quartering Act

    This law forces the colonists to take in the soldiers into their houses. It also forced them to give the soldiers food, wood, and transportation. The colonists retaliated by being violent and by not doing any of these things.
  • Declaratory Act

    This law states that the British are in control of the colonies, and are the only ones who can create laws. Many colonists celebrated because they got rid of the Stamp Act. They were still against the British though.
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    Many British Laws Were Made

    The British made many laws so they could get money to pay their soldiers. What the colonists hated was the taxes and even the British too! This confused the British at the time. The colonies were supposed to have salutary neglect which is a policy about self rule. These laws violated this policy. The colonists wanted their own representative in the British government. Some of the colonists were loyalists and followed all of these laws.