Guy Paul Morin

  • Guy Paul Morin was wrongly convicted of the October 1984

  • Morin was convicted at his second trial and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

  • Morin was acquitted of murder at his first trial

  • The Crown exercised its right to appeal the verdict on the grounds that the trial judge made a fundamental error prejudicing the Crown's right to a fair trial.

  • Guy Paul Morin in the Court of Appeal ordered a new trial

  • The retrial was delayed by Morin's own appeals based on the Crown's non-disclosure

  • Improvements in DNA testing led to a test which excluded Morin as the murderer.

  • Morin's case also uncovered evidence of police and prosecutorial misconduct, and of misrepresentation of forensic evidence by the Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences.

  • Morin's appeal of his conviction was allowed