Guitars Timeline

By s62266
  • 1500

    Early guitar was created

    Early guitar was created
    • Probably descendant of other instruments
    • Might have been made in medieval Spain
    • 4 strings tuned to C-F-A-D
  • Transition into Modern Guitars

    Transition into Modern Guitars
    • Antonio de Torres Jurado was a big influence on the evolution of guitars
    • Flat backs and hourglass bodies came into the scene
    • This was when tuning pegs arrived
  • Modern Acoustic Guitars

    Modern Acoustic Guitars
    • Flat tops arrived
    • Steel strings were used instead of gut
    • Picks were used more often, causing pickguards and influencing the style of music produced
  • Electric guitars were invented

    Electric guitars were invented
    • George Beauchamp and Adolf Rickenbacker won the first patent
    • Electric guitars were designed to be louder
    • The solid-body electric emerged
  • Modern Electric Guitars

    Modern Electric Guitars
    • The electric guitar had finished evolving by the 1970s
    • Players became more creative with the looks of their guitars
    • Many types of electric guitars emerged since solid-body electrics don't depend on their shape to play