Guitars 13851


  • Nov 15, 1400

    The Vehula

    The vehula was brought to attention and was the preferred stringed instrument for the next couple hundred years.
  • Nov 15, 1500

    The Lute

    This teardrop shape made almost entirely out of wood was brought to the attention of musicians in the 1500's.
  • Fall of the Vihuela

    Fall of the Vihuela
    The VihuelaThe vehula was to difficult to tune so its populatiry fell.
  • The 6th String

    The classical guitar was innovated in the 1700's when the 6th string was added to it. The idea of the sixth string was brought upon by earlier stringed instrument such as the vehula and the baroque guitar.
  • Additions to the Guitar

    Advancements to the guitar were made such as a raised neck borad, fan struts and a ebony fingerboard.
  • Antonio Torres Jurado

    Antonio Torres Jurado
    Antonio Torres JuardoAntonio Torres Juardo advanced the guitar once again by making the isze of the neck and body larger. This inspired classical guitars today.
  • Acoustic and Classical Guitars

    The acoustic and classical guitars became the more popular stringed instruments.
  • The Robot Guitar

    The Robot Guitar
    Gibson Robot Guitar Gibson brought upon the Robot Guitar to modern musicians on December 8, 2008. It has a computerized automatic tuning feature that automatically tunes and tensions the strings of the guitar, thus providing less work for the guitar player.